Hosetechnik Audi RS6 Brake Hoses

January 29, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on January 29, 2016

Hosetechnik Audi RS6 Brake Hoses (2)
Forge Motorsport’s Hosetechnik division has announced details of its new ultra-high performance brake hoses for the mighty Audi RS6.

The RS6 is a superb all-round performance machine, with many high-performance examples bound to be driven hard by enthusiasts. Rightly then, these lines, with their hand-finished frictionless braided stainless steel bodies and custom-machined stainless end fittings, offer a marked improvement in braking performance and safety.

Hosetechnik’s unique production process combined with its exemplary levels of quality control and inspection mean that every single hose meets or exceeds all current FMV. ADR, LTSA, DOT and TUV legislation, making these upgrades totally legal in any market globally.

The original lines don’t offer the same pedal modulation and confidence-inspiring feel as the Hosetechnik parts, due to their old-fashioned rubber-wall construction. Under load, and in years to come, after a few years and miles of use, the walls of the factory-style brake hose can ‘bellow’, losing efficiency and wasting some of the effort between pedal and pad.

All model years of the RS6 are catered for, but even if your example has a bespoke braking package, Hosetechnik’s in-house production facility in Gloucestershire, UK can create virtually anything in just a day or two, either from a good photo or drawing, or by patterning the original parts. Any rubber hoses can be quickly and easily copied and remade into shiny new braided Hosetechnik hoses, carrying a lifetime guarantee.

The Hosetechnik range draws heavily from Forge’s thirty-plus years of engineering excellence and these new hoses lead the market in terms of their specification. The lines themselves are No less than 12 hard-wearing 95PVC sleeve colours available to protect against dirt and water ingress… and best of all, you can actually ring up and speak to the technician who is building your hoses, whilst your order is pending – try doing that at your average brake-hose manufacturer!

More details can be found at www.hosetechnik.com. Prices start at £99.00 + VAT for the complete set as shown

Whichever Audi model you own, and whatever the year or braking type, chances are the Hosetechnik team can get it stopping more efficiently.