Highlights And High Speed At The 2017 Fast Car Festival

July 10, 2017 By Mike Lee
Last updated on July 11, 2017

By Lorna Burrows

The Fast Car Festival returned for 2017 with even more horses than last year! 2nd July at Donington Park saw a staggering amount of motor enthusiasts and speed junkies enjoy a day of the finest and fastest motors.

From exclusive hypercars and classic supercars to incredible custom cars – including sleepers that are always a joy to watch on the track – the car festival had plenty going on and some very interesting action on Donington circuit.

This year, we saw the Vulcan return and a load of new events and features including the live music stage with well-known garage act DJ Luck and McNeat. There were also two big unveilings with the FK8 Honda Civic Type-R and a Liberty Walk Audi R8 V10.

A very hard choice to make, nevertheless, here are my 4 top highlights from the day:

Aston Martin Vulcan on the Track

Aston Martin VulcanTo see the Vulcan in person is a great opportunity but to see it being driven on the track is even better. The owner took it out onto Donington circuit for a couple of track sessions including one with the Lotus Evora GTE car set.

The Vulcan also did track time alongside a Renault Clio 200 Cup and a Honda Civic Type-R, amongst others, which made it a very interesting watch. I imagined the excitement and slight anxiety the other drivers would’ve had on realisation they would be on the track with an Aston Martin Vulcan!

Aston Martin VulcanThe track sessions got interesting for the Vulcan’s driver too, who spun the £2million car off the track twice; the first time out-breaking himself on cold tyres and the second time catching his accelerator pedal on the approach to a corner which left him in the gravel pit. Fortunately, there was no damage sustained to his beautiful car.


(If only I could’ve been in two places at once to see the Aston Martin Vulcan AMR at Goodwood!)

More Aston Martin Vulcan Facts

  • Born February 2015
  • There’s only 24 in the world
  • It’s worth £2million
  • Delivers just over 800bhp
  • It broke the Nardò Ring lap record during testing

GT40 Enthusiasts Club

GT40 Enthusiasts ClubThe first cars to be showcased on entrance to Fast Car Festival; 12 Ford GT40s belonging to an enthusiast club. What a start to the day!

The GT40 is often claimed to be the most beautiful racing car ever made and extremely successful and what they were made to do, winning Le Mans four times in a row. For those of you who aren’t too familiar with the GT40, the ‘40’ came after the original GT’s and was added to represent the height of the car in inches. GT40s were the models prepared specifically for international endurance racing.

It was thoroughly enjoyable to see these cars parade on the track and an incredibly nostalgic experience for many.

More Ford GT40 Facts

  • There were 5 versions of the GT40 made
  • In 2012, a 1968 Ford GT40 racer sold for $11 million
  • Most GT40s you see now are kit cars or replicas
  • GT40s used V8 engines in 4.2-litre, 4.7-litre and 7-litre

The McLaren P1

McLaren P1The 200mph Club and Motorsport Paddock boasted awe-inspiring supercars. Of course, every car in this area deserved to be bowed down to, however, the Mclaren P1 was the car that excited me the most.

Its stunning design and great engineering makes the P1 my favourite supercar on the market. With two impressive engines under the bonnet, it almost seems shallow of me to comment first on the colour of this P1 but I’m about to do it anyway… Look at that Volcano Orange! In my opinion, it made the P1 winner of the most stunning paint job in the 200mph Club and maybe even the entire festival.

In fact, it seems the P1 could have achieved what it set out to be. The aim was to “create the most exciting, most technologically advanced and most dynamically accomplished supercar ever made”. On its own, the twin-turbo 3.8-litre V8 engine can generate 727bhp but, paired with the electric motor, both engines generate a total of 903bhp.

The car also features a revolutionary system; ProActive Chassis Control. This suspension system allows for great executive ride quality without compromising sharp and reactive handling. When the car is moving in a straight line, the ride is extremely comfortable but when you need the extra stiffness in roll, this unique suspension provides just that.

More McLaren P1 Facts

  • Born 2013
  • Became fastest street-legal car around Nürburgring
  • 375 units made
  • Initial cost of a P1: £866,000

A Custom Alfa Romeo Brera

Custom Alfa Romeo BreraThis Alfa Romeo Brera certainly demanded attention, even before it started twerking on its hydraulics! Cars don’t get much more custom than this one, with its one-of-a-kind body kit and wheels you’ll only ever see on this car, being the only set in the world.

Custom Alfa Romeo BreraIts stunning body kit is painted in a custom Harley-Davidson Cherry Red colour. Its impressive Rayvern Hydraulics suspension demonstrated some extraordinary twerking skills. To support its lairy tuning, it has also had a 4-wheel brake conversion. Other modifications made to the car include a custom Audison sound system install and Sparco racing seats.

What’s to come…

Fast Car Festival has been my favourite day of summer 2017 so far and I can only hope that 2018 will see this car show return on an even bigger scale. Next up on my motorsport calendar; Shelsley Walsh Classic Nostalgia 

Lorna Burrows
Freelance Automotive Copywriter