Hamann Sharpens The Claws Of The Jaguar F-Pace

March 13, 2017 By Mike Lee
Last updated on March 13, 2017

Hamann Sharpens The Claws Of The Jaguar F-Pace
Jaguar’s exclusive SUV-novelty elegant presented by Hamann.

At Geneva Motor Show, Hamann Motorsport presents the big cat with more torque, more output and sharpened look.

Thanks to Hamann’s ignition map optimisation, the Jaguar F-PACE S reaches 410 hp and 510 Nm – 30 hp and 50 Nm more than the standard model.

With Hamann’s optimisation, the Jaguar F-PACE 30d produces 340 instead of 300 hp and mighty 780 Nm – 80 Nm more than the standard model.

23-inch “Anniversary Evo II” light-alloy wheels in three precious colours bring this performance to the road in an attention-grabbing manner.

All attachment parts and components from Hamann are available individually or as set.

Geneva, 07 March 2017. The Jaguar F-PACE is Jaguar’s first high-performance crossover. Impressing output, ground-breaking connectivity and breath-taking design make the long legged “Jag” an outstanding model in the booming SUV sector. Top driving dynamics, top understatement, top look – these properties accurately and worthily transfer Jaguar’s image and essentially British brand values to the currently most popular vehicle class – and thus to a classical domain of the luxury refiners at Hamann.

Hamann’s accessories and engine tuning for the F-PACE supports the fundamental look-and-feel of both brand and model through high-quality optical and performance-enhancing changes. Jaguar enthusiasts can enjoy unique solutions for an upscale individualisation of their vehicle. In addition to exclusive complete tuning packages at attractive prices, all Hamann components for the F-PACE can also be purchased individually. Further components can be added at any time and installed without a lot of effort. Thus, an exclusive unique copy of the Jaguar F-PACE develops step by step.

Electronic power advancement – additional 30 kW (50 hp)

You can never have too much output – this Hamann Motorsport maxim of course also applies to a high-performance crossover as the Jaguar F-PACE. The refiner from Laupheim has developed a professional and stable power advancement by optimising the ignition map of the F-Pace S petrol engine and F-Pace 30d diesel engine. For the petrol model, the power is boosted from 279 kW (380 hp) to 301 kW (410 hp). Thanks to chip tuning, the F-PACE’s torque also achieves a respectable increase. In the standard model, there are already decent 460 Nm available. After Hamann Motorsport’s performance cure, a maximum of 510 Nm – more than eleven per cent more – are pressed on the crank. And guarantee a sophisticated, very worthwhile power delivery over the entire rev range and in all kinds of driving situations.

Solid torque increase to enormous 780 Nm

The power advancement for the self-igniting F-PACE 30d is somewhat more distinguished. Compared to the standard model with 220 kW (300 hp), the Hamann F-PACE 30d diesel reaches a peak of 250 kW (340 hp) – so, 40 additional horsepower, an improvement by more than 13 per cent. With Hamann F-PACE chip tuning, the torque peak reaches the impressive maximum value of 780 Nm (standard: 700 Nm). As typical for diesel engines, the values are quite high for every speed range, allowing full thrust from low revs – a performance previously only known from super sports cars.

The more power under the bonnet, the more self-confident the performance promise can be expressed by an individual look – that is the motto of the refinement specialists in Laupheim. Hence, the optical Jaguar tuning made by Hamann Motorsport for example includes an aerodynamics kit for the front and rear and an optimised, multi-flow exhaust system with oval tailpipes and lasting sound experience. Just as all Hamann components, the rear with integrated diffuser can be installed later. It also is suitable for models that are equipped with a factory or subsequently installed trailer hitch.

Unique aerodynamics kit

Distinctive mark from the front is the three-part front spoiler lip designed for optimal aerodynamic properties and the optional multi-part wing extensions for the front and rear. The Anniversary Evo II wheel set especially tailored to the Jaguar F-PACE is available in three fashionable colours: Hyper Silver, Black and Graphite Grey. The spectacular light-alloy wheels have a 23-inch diameter and are 11 inches wide. Made-to-measure refinement elements for the interior such as the footrest borrowed from motorsports, aluminium pedals, and floor mats precisely adjusted to the vehicle complement the harmonious overall appearance of the Hamann tuning range for the F-PACE.

Hamann Motorsport has carefully combined different modules to achieve a perfectly concerted kit for the Jaguar crossover. Hamann refines the cars at its headquarters in Laupheim as well as at international partner sites.