HAMANN Porsche Panamera

August 25, 2013 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 10, 2015

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HAMANN thumbs its nose at the series turbo

HAMANN-Motorsport has really turned the Porsche Panamera into a rocket.  Even from the factory the Gran Turismo is already blessed with loads of performance, but this is still not enough for the Laupheim-based refiner. They’re crowning the Panamera as a super sports car with 603 hp/ 443 kW. This is music to the ears of Turbo and Turbo S owners, as this powerhouse is bringing vitality to both models. Already just reading the data sheet your blood pressure shoots up and you get itchy feet:  870 Nm of torque at 2,250 – 4,500 rpm, 3.9 seconds for the sprint to 100 km/h and hitting the 200 km/h mark after 12.6 seconds. With the Sport Chrono Package activated the HAMANN Panamera’s ultimately turn into solid fuel rockets and catapult their occupants in a breathtaking 3.7 seconds to 100 km/h or in 12.4 seconds to 200 km/h respectively.  At the same time the top speed increases to an impressive 315 km/h and thus it conclusively thumbs its proverbial nose at the series models (Turbo 303 km/h, Turbo S 306 km/h). Fittingly HAMANN-Motorsport has called its bodywork program CYRANO in honour of the French fictional character with a long nose.

In order to meet the highly visual requirements and aerodynamic demands, the HAMANN engineers revamped the front of the four-seater completely. Larger air intakes in connection with perfectly integrated daytime running lights give the Porsche an even more dynamic look. Moreover, the optimized airflow – generated by the redesigned bonnet – reduces the lift at the front axle even further. Adding 60 mm width to the front and rear fenders makes the GranTurismo look even more imposing and are instrumental for the powerful overall appearance of the HAMANN customization. The CYRANO side skirts were modelled such as to steady the airflow across the sides and let the stylish sports car appear even closer to the tarmac and stretched. In order to reduce the up-lift forces at the rear axle, the HAMANN engineers developed a special diffuser rear apron for the sedan from Zuffenhausen. The apron encases the striking dual tailpipes of the sports exhaust system and makes this car’s rear a real eye catcher.

To bring the mighty appearance of the CYRANO to a full circle, HAMANN added its new 22-inch rims: UNIQUE FORGED “GUNMETAL”. The design of the extremely light wheel combines sportiness and elegance. The recommended front wheel/tyre combination is 9.5Jx22 inches with 265/30 ZR 22 tyres. The rear is fitted with 11.0Jx22 inch rims and 305/25 ZR 22 tyres.

Special eye catchers are the new alu wheels with special suspensions or a lowering module for the air suspension that lowers the Panamera’s center of gravity up to 30 mm. At the same time, the handling of the sports car is notably improved.

The powerful enhancement of the Panamera Turbo will soon be offered by HAMANN as the core part of its customisation program. Included in this upgrade – which is still under development – is a rear sports muffler as well as a new engine management system. The result is a performance increase by 80 hp and a torque that has been enhanced by 120 Nm.

HAMANN completely redesigns the interior of the Panamera and turns it into a Five-Star VIP Lounge. The factory-installed interior has been replaced with the finest leathers. The HAMANN aluminium pedal system shines brilliantly in the footwell and complements perfectly the medical applications of the car’s serial production interior.

Whether it is double clear-coat finish, leather, or Alcantara – what ever your heart’s desire, it is available upon request. From personalized foot mats to complete interior leather finish, everything is made with the highest degree of craftsmanship and precision. Individually designed and integrated into the vehicle by masters of their craft.

For more information about the extensive HAMANN tuning programme, please visit the web site www.HAMANN-MOTORSPORT.com