HAMANN NERVUDO Lamborghini Aventador

September 13, 2013 By Mike Lee
Last updated on November 8, 2016

Take the bull by the horns:

HAMANN NERVUDO based on the Lamborghini Aventador

The Aventador is one of the most conspicuous and powerful super sports cars of all time. Anyone who wants to make their Lamborghini even more exclusive will immediately pick up the telephone and call HAMANN Motorsport’s number. The manufacturer in Laupheim, Germany refines the Italian sports car using their own independent body concept and still manages to add some performance as well.

Individuality is the leitmotif for the HAMANN NERVUDO.  The front spoiler sucks in fresh air, in particular thanks to the air ducts made from carbon fibre. Also made of the ultra-light, high-strength motorsport material is the two-piece front spoiler, which provides the front wheels with additional downforce for more grip.

The new side skirts also contribute to the optimized aerodynamics, which stabilises the airflow on the underbody. In addition the inlet apertures manufactured from carbon also provide the 12-cylinder with cooling airflow.

The air inlet covers on the engine compartment cover supply the twelve cylinder unit with as much air as it needs. The glass panels allow a peek at the powerhouse that HAMANN have integrated into the engine compartment cover. Anyone who does not want to see this view can choose the variant with panels made from visible carbon.

At the rear of the Aventador HAMANN has made plenty of scope for optimisation, therefore, the improvement measures here are particularly noticeable. In addition to the new rear spoiler the Swabian maker also replaced the rear diffuser and manufactured it from carbon fibre. The adjustable rear spoiler is produced from the same material, which rounds off the aerodynamic work.

HAMANN has also developed the sports exhaust muffler specifically for the NERVUDO. Additionally as a special variant a Race Version which backfires is available.

The sports car refiner has designed the light-alloy wheels precisely for the transformed Aventador with its new aerodynamics. The multi-part HAMANN PROFESSIONAL is manufactured in a forging process which guarantees particularly low unsprung mass for a maximum of driving dynamics. The high-performance rims in 9×20 and 13×21 inches are coated with ultra high-performance tyres in 255/30ZR20 size at the front and 355/25/ZR21 at the rear.

As if HAMANN had not yet fully brought the super sports Coupé to completion, the engineers also topped the Lamborghini’s performance figures. Thanks to the complete reworking of the ECU the twelve cylinder now reaches 760 hp (559 kW) instead of the standard 700 hp (515 kW). The engine characteristic optimisation also boosts the maximum torque from 690 to 735 Newton metres.

HAMANN shows with the NERVUDO once more that even the Laupheim-based team can be only moderately inspired by a super sports car, if it is in its series state. Only the individualization makes the NERVUDO a real HAMANN.

For more information about the extensive HAMANN programme, please visit the web site www.HAMANN-MOTORSPORT.com

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