HAMANN Cars At Top Marques Monaco 2015

April 21, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 2, 2015

HAMANN Aventator Roadster LIMITED Top Marques
Addiction to yellow unavoidable

  • At the Top Marques, car refiner Hamann for the first time presents the “Limited” version based on the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster
  • The specialists from Laupheim refine the open super sportscar with independent body concept and appealing design details
  • Many elements made of high-quality visible carbon fibre and the special “Giallo Orion” paint perfectly set the stage for the “Lambo”
  • Power boosted to around 760 hp and 735 Nm leaves nothing to be desired for open-top sportscar enthusiasts.

With its ultimate finish for the Aventador’s closed version Hamann already proved how to take the bull by the horns. At the Top Marques 2015, the experts from Laupheim will spotlight their development based on the fascinating roadster. Those who know Hamann know that the “Lambo” simply had to make an appearance that is even more uncompromising, even more spectacular. The refiner stepped up to the plate and now presents a fine and defined model concept that turns the open-top sportscar into an individualised masterpiece with unique traits.

The front is dominated by made-to-measure air vent inserts. The optical counterpart of this aerodynamics element is the two-piece front spoiler made of the same material, which provides for racing-grade down force and gives the front wheels increased grip. The airflow is optimised by striking side skirts that Hamann uses to trace the extravagant look. The voluminous air scoop on the bonnet supply the huge twelve-cylinder unit with plenty of cool air and underlines the model’s own character. Here, Hamann has integrated especially high-quality clear-coated carbon fibre, which allows a clear view of the Lamborghini power package.

The greatest optimisation efforts Hamann undertook at the rear of the Aventador. The car refiner replaced the rear apron and rear diffuser with its own designs and constructions made of ultra-lightweight carbon fibre. The adjustable rear spoiler is made of the same material and was developed specifically for the “Limited.” The sport rear muffler, which Hamman also offers as racing version with an impressive “backfire” effect, is there to ensure a special and individual sound.

Highlights of the Swabian Lambo are the alloy wheels, which go perfectly with its new look. The multi-part Hamann “Professional” is produced by a forging process, which guarantees maximum driving dynamics through lightness and the highest level of stiffness. The high-performance wheels in sizes 9×20 and 13×21 inch bear ultra-high-performance tyres in sizes 255/30 ZR 20 in front and 355/25 ZR 21 in the back.

The specialists of Hamann push the performance of the potent Italian to new heights. 700 hp (515 kW) and 690 Nm were the numbers to beat – and that’s what Hamann clearly managed to do. The completely redesigned software of the control unit of the twelve-cylinder in the “Limited” now reaches 760 hp (559 kW). The maximum torque of the 6.5-liter V12 increases with the identity field optimisation to a raging 735 Nm*.

In Monaco, Hamann presents the open “Limited Lambo” with the special “Giallo Orion” paint having a pearly yellow shimmer. The allusion to the constellation of the same name may be understood as “reach for the stars”. The reason: Hamann fulfils every conceivable customer wish. Just one example: by request, the Lambo’s interior turns into a distinctive individual item with carefully sewn leather applications on the dashboard, side coverings or high-speed seats.

Hamann offers the model as finely tuned “total work of art”. However, the exclusive components can also be configured as desired, for example, in case the basic model already parks in the customer’s garage.


Hamann presents the M4 as “moving work of art”

  • At the Top Marques, car refiner Hamann presents M4 version as true explosion of colours
  • “Moving work of art” – a creation of Timo Wuerz, the “rock star in the comic scene”
  • Rear wing in GT3 style made of carbon fibre reinforced GRP composite material dominates the aerodynamics kit
  • Front spoiler, bonnet and rear spoiler impress with elements made of high-quality visible carbon fibre
  • Increased output to up to 517 hp (380 kW) ensures noticeable performance upgrade of the muscular sports coupé
  • Impressive wheel/tyre combination of Hamann’s 21-inch “Anniversary Evo” light-alloy wheels and high-performance Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R tyres

Art and ability – that is the link between Swabian car refiner Hamann and designer Timo Wuerz (42). The largest German national subscription daily newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung once called the creative genius the “rock star of the comic scene”. The designer, who made Hamburg his city of choice, individualises cars and lifestyle products, turning them into unique pieces bearing his distinctive touch. His latest “moving work of art” was presented at the Top Marques in form of the M4 sports coupé individualised by Hamann. As homage to the art of engine construction, the colours of the “M” logo served as source of inspiration. Exclusively for the Hamann sportscar, Wuerz has created a fulminant energy explosion, perfectly setting the stage for the vehicle concept’s characteristics. The work was transferred to the car on a sophisticated printed wrap.

Hamann’s “aerodynamics upgrade” basically dominates with its extravagantly shaped bonnet made of visible carbon fibre and the potent rear wing in GT3 style. At the front, it is Hamann’s creation with carbon-fibre spoiler lip that impresses – a striking detail that will not only send motorsport fans into transports of delight. The elegantly profiled aerodynamics part increases the downforce as in the GT Sport. It is an attention-grabbing contrast to the standard model’s chunky air intakes and reaches as far as the wings’ edges. The specialists from Laupheim continue this clear line with pronounced side skirts. In true Hamann style, the standard rear is pepped up by a diffuser with four massive carbon winglets, offering a striking setting for the four-pipe exhaust system. Even the tailpipes the refiner does not leave untouched: the German tuning manufacture finishes off its work with carbon-fibre tail pieces with a diameter of 90 mm that proudly bear the noble Hamann brand mark.

The standard M4, which comes with 317 kW (431 hp), is anything but underpowered – but Hamann wants more. The car refiner fulfils the strong desire of racing fans and Nürburgring enthusiasts with a special control module for electronic power advancement that waits under the bonnet, if desired. It increases the engine power output to impressive 380 kW (517 hp) and presses forward heavily: at 1 850 – 5 500 rpm, Hamann makes the V6 turbocharged engine produce a maximum torque of 700 Nm – 150 more than the standard model features. With these acceleration values, the modified M4 should be at least one step ahead.

For making this power controllable it is also necessary to modify the suspension: Hamann brings down the vehicle’s centre of gravity by around 30 mm, not only giving the car a racy look. Additionally, the experts from Laupheim use reinforced sport anti-roll bars that optimise the steering behaviour and reduce body roll. The precise adjustment to the adaptive M suspension guarantees that the M4 is not thrown off the track, even near the limit – given that the right wheel/tyre combination is used.

The 21-inch “Anniversary Evo” light-alloy wheel’s multi-spoke design comes with a glossy black finish. High-performance Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R tyres passed the car refiner’s tough tests with flying colours. On the front axle, Hamann relies on 9.0 J x 21 ET 32 wheels combined with tyres in size 245/30 ZR21. The rear axle impresses with 305/25 ZR21 tyres and “Anniversary Evo” wheels in 11.0 J x 21 ET 50. In the experience of the Hamann developers this combination convinces by best handling characteristics and excellent acceleration and deceleration values when combined with the M carbon ceramic brakes.

Also the interior cannot do without that certain something: hence, sport pedals made of black anodised aluminium, and exclusive floor mats made of high-pile velours from Hamann’s interior programme are essential elements. Those looking for that special something will be delighted with the car door LED welcome projector lights with Hamann logo. The high-quality and tailored Hamann components for the M4 are available now individually or as complete set. Hamann refines the cars at its headquarters in Laupheim as well as at international partner sites.


Hamann unleashes the tiger in the Macan’s soul

  • Hamann’s exclusive tuning kit for the Porsche Macan unleashes the tiger which is not only the eponym of the widely acclaimed sport SUV
  • Inimitable high-end version of the Macan S Diesel with wide-body look underlines the technical expertise of the car refiner from Laupheim
  • The Macan S Diesel is boosted up to 300 hp (212 kW) at a peak torque of 670 Nm
  • Hamann impresses with highest quality technological details such as the wheel/tyre combination at high-end level and a sport sound that makes the Diesel hiss like a V8.

High-performance power, long-distance comfort, extravagance: the benchmark figures of the formidable Porsche Macan S Diesel are impressive. For all fans of the dynamic vehicle Hamann’s tuning experts now sets the bar even higher. As is generally known, the model’s name “Macan” was derived from the Indonesian word for tiger – and exactly this tiger Hamann frees from the ties of a series actor.

The face of the Macan, which Hamann presents in the S Diesel version in Monaco, has self-confident traits. The tiger seems ready to jump – an effect achieved by the low line of the front apron and the lowering of the car. Hamann’s aerodynamics attachment emphasises the sharp “teeth” of the Macan Turbo’s standard front and sets distinctive accents. The car refiner’s interpretation of the Macan S Diesel appears well-toned and is coherently continued in powerfully shaped wing extensions making the predator’s body grow by twelve centimetres in width. The side profile is completed by an aerodynamically optimised side skirt that Hamann shaped in a particularly striking manner.

At the rear, Hamann’s tiger is equally packed with muscles. The hind legs gleam with a dynamic composite design trim and the “sharpened” rear spoiler. So much for the prelude. The scene, however, is dominated by the potent “active sound” sports exhaust system impressing with voluminous tailpipes and a hissing V8 sound. It is based on actuators and speakers for an individually adjustable sound experience that will be a real pleasure for sound enthusiasts.

But that is not enough for the individualisation experts from Laupheim – also the engine power of the standard Macan S Diesel can be sharper. The result is overwhelming 300 hp (221 kW) at 4 200 rpm (standard: 258 hp (190 kW), 4 000–4 250 rpm) chasing the mega SUV to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds only (standard: 6.1 seconds) with the Sport Chrono package. The peak torque comes with imposing 670 Nm at 2 500 rpm already (standard: 580 Nm at 1 750–2 500 rpm) making a lot an easy prey for the car.

Power any dynamics guaranteed – also when pushed up to the limit

Hamann’s awe-inspiring interpretation gets under the Macan S Diesel’s skin even further: in line with the Hamann tradition, wheels, tyres and suspension are ideally aligned to provide the ultimate thrill also when driving fast right up to the limit. Sport springs with made-to-measure lowering make the car aggressively hug the road and ensure optimal road contact. The precious metal “Anniversary EVO” wheels in size 10.5 J x 22 lend the car an elegant appearance. The heavy-duty wheel with its filigree multi-spoke design combined with tyres in size 295/30 ZR22 confidently brings the four-wheel drive car’s elemental force to the road. Vredestein’s UltracVorti fulfils 100 per cent of the refiner’s requirements in terms of cornering, grip during acceleration and deceleration, and steering precision. Once focused on the target, the predator sprints through curves and landscapes with breath-taking skilfulness to perform the final overtaking manoeuvre.

For those seeking the exclusive touch in the interior, Hamann is also just the right place to come: in the cockpit and on the headrests, the tuning specialist from Laupheim offers sporty and elegant applications in Hamann’s proven luxury finish. As is usual, Hamann has carefully combined different modules to achieve a perfectly concerted kit. Individual components are also available. Hamann refines the cars, which Hamann retrofits or offers completely, at its headquarters in Laupheim as well as at international partner sites.


“Very Swabian” for a Brit

  • Brawny, brachial, and desirable: Hamann spotlights its successful model based on the Range Rover Sport at the Top Marques 2015
  • The wide body for the most dynamic Range Rover combines traditional British construction with the Swabian magic touch
  • Distinctive Hamann design language and commanding wheel/tyre combination.

After the introduction of Hamann’s concept for the Range Rover Sport one year ago, the SUV star celebrated its debut on the road several weeks ago. Within a very short time, the car refiner has won many fans with its interpretation of the most dynamic Range Rover. Those having a close look at the luxurious SUV at the Hamann booth will understand why the “finishing touches” in form of exclusive refinement components catch on. Hamann flexes its Baden-Württemberg muscles in a powerful, unmistakable interpretation of the athletic all-wheel talent.

In the front, the two-part front spoiler impresses with finest craftsmanship: it is everything but discreet, yet far less intrusive than other solutions. Hamann combines the visual statement with features such as two additional daytime running lamps individually fitted into the front spoiler in fibre optics. Clever idea: in this solution, the original fog lights are fully retained in form and function.

On the flanks, Hamann incorporates what fans expect: wide wing extensions that make the car grow by twelve centimetres in width. They are made of perfectly matched individual components that form a dense unit from the door area, wheel arch and rear side. The muscular silhouette is effectively completed by body kit attachments on the four door sills.

And Hamann provides a stunning conclusion with a customised sporty rear. Those gazing after the car refiner’s Range Rover Sport will marvel at an artfully constructed composite rear skirt clearly distinguishing the interpretation from the standard model. The felicitous final chord sounds in a sport end muffler with classy tailpipes, which are available in black or silver anodised and proudly bear the Hamann logo.

The clear optical coordination of the body components of the wide-body kit is carried over to the exclusive wheel/tyre combination of the Range Rover Sport from Hamann. The premium tuner recommends the forged model “Unique Forged Anodized” available in sizes 10.5 x 22 and 11 x 23 inches. The elegant multi-spoke design in noble matt black finish clearly expresses the high design standard. These exclusive wheels are equipped with nothing else than wide-base 305 tyres, which perfectly adapt to the contours of the wheel arches, noticeably enhance lateral dynamics and ensure adequate deceleration values.

Pedals with the noble logo in black anodised aluminium add additional value to the foot space that accommodates style-conscious, exclusive floor mats in Hamann design. The individualised headrests and cockpit elements embody the owner’s exclusive taste as well. Those looking for that special something will be delighted with the car door LED welcome projector lights with Hamann logo. The car refiner designed the carefully coordinated modules as a complete package, but also offers them individually. Hamann refines the cars at its headquarters in Laupheim as well as at international partner sites.