H.R. Owen Joins Forces With Premier Sports Network To Offer Driver Training To Football Stars

May 30, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on May 30, 2016

Leading luxury dealer group H.R. Owen to offer bespoke driver training to football stars who purchase a vehicle from any of its dealerships

  • H.R. Owen works alongside Premier Sports Network to reach players, clubs and agents
  • The scheme ensures young players know how to handle the latest supercars safely
  • Driver training is offered on all models from all the H.R Owen brands
  • Training available nationwide, offering bespoke sessions to each individual

H.R Owen has become the sole motor partner with the Premier Sports Network in a deal that will see the leading luxury dealer group offer private driver training to football stars that buy a car from any of the group’s brands. The offer applies to all models from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, Maserati and Bugatti.

The Premier Sports Network is a private organisation that hosts a series of invite-only events for behind-the-scenes football club officials, high-profile agents, ex-sports stars and partners to ensure a player’s welfare is protected at all times. This will now extend to safety on the roads, as all players that buy a car through H.R. Owen will be provided with comprehensive driver training to ensure that they are able to safely handle their new purchase.

The dealer group was invited to be a key speaker at the recent UK Player Care conference held in Manchester, where Special Projects Director, Sharon Wright discussed how H.R. Owen can prepare a player in advance of taking delivery of a high performance vehicle.

Many young players celebrate their professional club signing with the purchase of a new car, for some this will be their first experience of a powerful car. For a large majority it may even be their first car purchased since passing their test, or the first car they drive in the UK after a transfer from overseas.

With the safety of young talent being of paramount importance to the players’ families and their club, H.R. Owen will now provide full driver training to young players on road and track, in addition to providing a fuss-free purchase of the car of their choice. Those who take part will be enrolled in the two-stage driver-training programme at a location convenient to them.

Working with driver training experts, H.R. Owen’s in-house programme will take drivers on a bespoke training course showing how to manage their car at legal speeds on the public roads. This session will allow them time to get used to the size of the car, to be educated in all the functions of the vehicle, and to understand how the car responds and reacts to driver input. Once this has been completed, the players will be taken to a private test track to learn how the car responds at speed, how to brake and corner safely and how to react in an emergency situation.

Sessions will focus on five key areas: team sessions, individual coaching, off-road masterclass, dynamic handling masterclass and a safety focused session to help develop driver skills.

Sharon Wright, H.R. Owen’s Special Projects Director, said: “As a leading provider of the fastest cars available, we noticed that many young sports professionals are in a position to buy some of the most powerful cars on sale today. We felt we had a duty of care to ensure these buyers were trained to the highest level before taking delivery of their vehicles, in the hope that we will see fewer incidents occurring on the roads as a result.

“Working with the Premier Sports Network we can reach players directly through their agents and clubs. This means we can offer an unrivalled buying experience through the H.R. Owen group and can help the clubs look after their players with high-level training and education, further demonstrating how we go beyond simply selling cars. We always seek to go the extra mile and ensure every customer feels special and well cared for.”

Spencer Hidge, Premier Sports Network founder, said of the partnership with H.R Owen: “To have the UK’s leading luxury dealer group on board offers our players a great opportunity to sample and purchase the world’s finest cars. To offer their clubs the peace of mind that their latest signing will be safe on the roads when they leave the training ground in the latest supercar is of extreme importance and we are pleased to welcome them to the network.”