November 19, 2021 By Mike
Last updated on November 19, 2021

WORLD FIRST: Software update for the G8x M4 / M3 with up to 700 hp

The design of the front will certainly polarize opinion, but what is also certain is that the BMW M3 and M4 of the current generation G8x are exceptional mid[1]range high-performance sports cars. The coupé and the sedan – in the rear[1]wheel drive version – both shifted their striking kidney grilles into the spotlight in September 2020, with the four-wheel drive version and the cabriolet G83 following during the course of 2021. Of course, these top models quickly became the darling of the performance and tuning sector. But the predecessor – the F8x – along with the M2, was and remains one of the absolute stars of the scene, not least thanks to the special model variants such as the CS and GTS.

The performance specialists at G-POWER, a brand which has been delivering impressive performance upgrades for BMW M vehicles for almost 40 years, are also offering their own superb take on the “old” F8x series with the G4M / G3M Bi-TURBO, which is available in multiple power levels up to 700 hp. And now, their story of success is to get a new chapter as the model enters the second round!

The G4M Bi-TURBO and G3M Bi-TURBO are true world firsts! All power upgrades for the G8x to date are achieved using an additional chip tuning box. But G-POWER is doing things differently! The first levels of their power upgrade have been developed and involve tuning software installed directly on the factory-fitted control unit: With the help of GP-600 software, the BMW can now deliver 600 hp. The next step up is the GP-650 software and the DEEPTONE exhaust system, which combine to unlock 650 hp in the twin[1]turbo six-cylinder engine. The current maximum is the 700 hp variant, in which GP-700 software with sports downpipes and the DEEPTONE exhaust system are used. With these G-POWER power boosts, a new top speed of 207 mph is possible. Furthermore, the maps of the G-POWER software are tailored precisely to the specific vehicle and specific engine at the performance testing station. This allows for a much more individual and customized power boost than with an additional tuning box.

When it comes to power boosts, G-POWER puts great value on good drivability and endurance. All these power levels have therefore been subjected to comprehensive long-term tests and passed them with flying colors. The new G3M and G4M conversions will be available from December 2021. In addition, another power level of approx. 750-800 hp is in development, which will be achieved using GP-800 upgrade turbochargers.

In terms of cosmetic enhancements, G-POWER is offering its well-known and well-loved HURRICANE RR and HURRICANE RS forged wheels for the new M3 and M4, respectively – either in 20″ at the front and 21″ at the back with 285/30ZR20 and 295/25ZR21 tires or in 21″ all around with 255/30 and 305/25 tires. The last option with 21″ all around is only available in conjunction with G[1]POWER V4 coilover suspension. This allows for variable chassis-lowering of between 15 and 40 mm and hardness adjustment in rebound and compression.

Additionally, from the beginning of 2022, G-POWER’s famous VENTURI carbon front hood and the GP-DYNAMIC rear wing will also be available for the M4 / M3: The hood improves the ventilation of the engine compartment thanks to its “Dynamic Venting” technology and thus makes a significant contribution to engine thermal management. Likewise, the carbon G-POWER DYNAMIC spoiler on CNC-milled aluminum feet not only serves an aesthetic purpose, but also increases the contact pressure on the rear axle. And for power values in the region of 700 hp and beyond, this is exactly what is required for dynamic and reliable handling – especially if the client has chosen the rear-wheel drive M4 / M3. In other words, it is the perfect way to round off the G4M / G3M Bi-TURBO.

Further information can be obtained directly from:

www.g-power.com or by calling +49 (0)8251 860 1100