Forge Motorsport Mini F56 Intercooler

December 11, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on December 11, 2015

Forge Motorsport Mini F56 Intercooler (4)
Forge Motorsport has added to its extensive F56 Mini portfolio by releasing a hugely effective front-mount intercooler upgrade for the recently introduced Cooper and Campaign models. The unit offers independently-proven cooling capacity over the stock part – with commensurately impressive power and torque gains.

The Forge intercooler addresses a ‘packaging’ problem created in the car’s original design. Due to the size of the Mini’s engine lump, the car has to run with a relatively tiny intercooler. The result is that, on a re-mapped car, intake temperatures can easily be up anywhere around 80° centigrade or more!

This latest design has been created specifically for the F56 and features a core design had to be penned from scratch in order to fit in with the very different architecture of the Mini’s engine bay. The space available to go with a larger core is very limited, but using a unique stepped core (Forge was the first aftermarket intercooler manufacturer to make a stepped core way back in 2006) and bespoke cast end tanks, Forge has been able to deliver an intercooler that performs exceptionally over and above stock. During testing, the firm’s R&D team recorded significant reductions in inlet temperatures, giving a power boost to the test subject with no other modifications. On a cool day the increase would be even greater.

This new intercooler comes in unique stealth black and alloy finish giving an OEM appearance. Perfect for a decidedly ‘grown-up’ hot hatch like the Mini.

The Forge Mini F56 Intercooler kit contains everything needed for a relatively simple and straightforward fit, including all clips, brackets nuts and bolts. Priced at just £ £465.79+ VAT it’s a superb way to improve performance and protect your Mini engine at the same time.

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