Experience The Lotus Driving Academy In Full 360 Degree Video Immersion

November 22, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on November 22, 2015

Experience The Lotus Driving Academy In Full 360 Degree Video Immersion

  • Lotus release new immersive video content across digital platforms and social media channels
  • Introduction to the Lotus Driving Academy through 360 degree video technology
  • Hot lap demonstration around the famous Lotus Test Track at Hethel HQ Established

Established in 1999, the Lotus Driving Academy offers a comprehensive range of driver training and experience packages for customers to get a taste of the benchmark handling and pure driving experience of Lotus sports cars. Now available for the first time, prospective customers, Lotus fans and track driving enthusiasts alike can experience what a day with the Lotus Driving Academy might feel like in full 360 degree immersion using the latest video technology.

At the home of Lotus Cars in Hethel, Norfolk lies a 2.2 mile test track that has been the site for test and development of all Lotus Cars since 1966. Viewers now have the opportunity to experience this world famous circuit at full race-pace in virtual reality – through their computer,
tablet or mobile device – and get a taste of what’s on offer before experiencing it for real.

The release of immersive 360 degree video content marks a first for Lotus who are keen to illustrate to a new audience the adrenaline-fuelled excitement and sheer skill involved with driving the latest Lotus sports cars on the limit.

Lotus recommends the following channels to ensure a fully immersive experience: 360 degree viewing is supported on YouTube whilst browsing in Google Chrome on your desk top, on all Android devices, and via Facebook’s video player.