Experience The LARTE Tesla Come True At Top Marques Monaco

April 16, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 2, 2015

Experience the LARTE Tesla come true at Top Marques Monaco

There are many speculations how the new Tesla Model S by LARTE might look like. Now, shortly before its final presentation at this year’s Top Marques Monaco (April 16, 3 p.m.), a new picture arises, leaving behind the fog of imagination. “It is the first time we publish a drawing of the revolutionary bodywork for our new benchmark car, which also symbolizes a giant leap ahead for our company”, explains LARTE CEO Alexey Yanovskiy. The LARTE studio has sketched lightning-like sharp lines to highlight the sporty nature of this superb electric vehicle.

The LARTE bodywork is featuring an innovative material – basalt fiber – and perfectly matches the idea of a car of tomorrow. This material, produced from natural lava rock, is even rivaling carbon fiber concerning its mix of qualities. Despite its “stony” background, it is very light and makes the whole bumper set weigh only 13kg, including accessories.

The looks of the bodywork are equally impressive, as one might guess from the drawing. “However, we want to invite you to see the real thing and we want you to see it live,” explains Alexey: “We would be very pleased to welcome you at our booth in Monaco on April 16. As we have paid close attention to details, craftsmanship, pureness and accuracy of lines and surfaces we are very proud of our new car.”