EcuTek Honda Civic Type R FN2 ECU Solutions

June 16, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on June 16, 2016

EcuTek Honda Civic Type R FN2 ECU Solutions
Few cars can claim to have been embraced by the British car buying public to quite the same extent as the Honda Civic Type R, though perhaps this shouldn’t be so surprising as it could’ve been built specifically for the UK’s twisting, undulating, pot holed back roads! Making these cars go faster than Honda intended is pretty much a national pastime nowadays, and owners of the FN2 model (2006-2012) looking for extra power could do a lot worse than invest in EcuTek’s latest ProECU tuning suite.

The last Type R to come with Honda’s undiluted, naturally aspirated VTEC engine, the FN2 can be coaxed into delivering substantially more power than the 197bhp offered as standard via its sophisticated ECU, and, like all EcuTek offerings, the new ProECU tuning suite works within the OE systems in a way that rival offerings simply can’t match. EcuTek’s latest release also works with the JDM-only FD2 model, so great news for anyone seeking to import one within the next few years.

Designed to be user friendly and easy to access and utilise, all ProECU’s ignition, fueling, cam timing and cam profile maps are clearly described, logically listed and displayed in high definition. Coloured Map Tracing is also inbuilt, meaning that AFR and knock anomalies can be swiftly identified and rectified before they become an issue.

EcuTek’s ProECU comes with a battery of core functions, some of them traditionally the preserve of ‘standalone’ ECU setups. The extensive list includes four-way Map Switching, meaning that different calibrations can be toggled via the cruise control switchgear, Adjustable Launch Control and Flat-Foot Shifting, the latter two made possible thanks to the ProECU’s ability to read and interpret data in real time. It also lets you profile accelerator pedal travel in relation to throttle body butterfly opening, and handles engine-load rescaling – vital if you intend taking the forced induction route – and, proving the extent to which EcuTek custom design their tuning suites to the model in question, precise control of VTEC activation speed.

Aside from the functions covered above, the FN2 ProECU can also create and run up to 16 Custom Maps, giving tuners the ability to do almost anything: make calculations, set limits and thresholds, re-purpose inputs/outputs to work with custom sensors, import signals and much more. Impressive as this base functionality is, Custom Maps can actually be used for a lot more besides, including full-load closed-loop fueling strategies, accurate ethanol fuel maps, progressive slip traction control, boost control for turbocharged cars, and fail safe maps, the latter giving peace of mind.

ProECU can also reset any of the factory Diagnostic Trouble Codes, while FastFlash functionality means that the majority of ECU programming can be carried out in 20 seconds or less, the upload progress neatly displayed via rev counter.

EcuTek understands that tuners are justifiably proud of their work and the amount of time, money and effort they invest in it, hence why ProECU comes with a host of checks intended to offer protection from dealer re-flashes or rival tuner edits. Should you wish to return the car to standard fettle, ProECU retains the original factory maps and can easily and swiftly re-set the ECU to its OE settings.

Calling EcuTek’s tuning system ‘aftermarket’ is to do it a disservice, as a closer look at both its spec and the way in which it functions reveals it to be an amazingly advanced bit of kit, one which has been designed to take advantage of the Type R’s unique character and can be integrated within the OEM functionality with ease. It promises to be a must for any tuner seeking to expand into the lucrative world of FN2 mapping.

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