DVLA Personalised Registrations For Supercar Lovers

July 13, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 2, 2015

DVLA Personalised Registrations For Supercar Lovers

DVLA Personalised Registrations’ summer auction looks set to be something of a supercar battle thanks to some supercar-related lots within the 1,600 up for grabs during the three-day sale being held at Mercedes-Benz World in Surrey.

The registration 488 FER, which has a reserve of £1,200, will be auctioned on Wednesday, July 22, and is clearly a direct tag towards the recently revealed Ferrari 488. For Porsche fans the Agency is auctioning 997 RS (£2,200) and then there’s 570 S (£2,500) – the perfect moniker for the soon-to-be-available McLaren 570S – both of which will be auctioned on the third and final day.

Putting those sales into perspective, in 2014 the registration 650 S – reflecting the McLaren 650S– proved something of a sensation for DVLA Personalised Registrations when it sold for a £40,250 total and the Porsche-related registration 993 RS sold for £30,000. In December 2009, the registration 458 FER, bought specifically for the Ferrari 488’s predecessor the 458 Italia, sold for little under £22,000.

Of course, in fitting with the superb surroundings of Mercedes-Benz World, there are scores of Mercedes-linked registrations included in the auction such as CL65 AMG (£700), SL65 AMG (£700) and SLS 62L (£700).

Matthew Dainton, of DVLA Personalised Registrations, said: “Personalised registrations with direct links to supercars always prove hotly contested sales and, well, there aren’t many names bigger than Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren and Mercedes-Benz.  Here we have lots reflecting cars in the same auction.”

There are, of course, a whole host of personalised registrations included in the sale to suit all tastes and budgets. For coffee lovers there’s BAR 157A (£250) and COS 57A (£300), for equestrians there’s GAL 110P (£250), for rowers and sailors there’s RE64 TTA (£700) and for those looking for a specific name, DVLA Personalised Registrations is offering CHL 30E (£700), JO14 NNE (£700) and KR15 TEN (£700) to list just three.

Registered bidders who attend the three-day event being held at the Mercedes-Benz World complex will be given free access to its museum and be entitled to free ‘hot lap’ passenger rides in some of the most powerful and glamorous cars currently produced by Mercedes.

Successful bidders who prefer not to immediately assign their personalised registration to a vehicle can do so safe in the knowledge it will not cost them a penny to do so.

Previously, personalised registration buyers would have had 12 months from the date of purchase to assign their registration to a vehicle, after that they had to pay an annual £25 retention fee. However, in March DVLA scrapped the annual certificate retention fee, ensuring customers can simply hold on to their personalised registration without fear of incurring any further costs.

DVLA Personalised Registrations’ forthcoming auction will consist of a total of 1,600 registrations, all chosen to offer a selection to suit all tastes, styles and budgets including: 3333 A (reserve – £2,500), ADA 12R (£300), AGA 2R (£350), AL15 TER (£700), 333 BEN (£1,200), BIG 1234 (£250), BMW 325S (£250), BMW 420D (£250), B151 NGH (£300), CA12 SON (£700), CHE 335E (£250), CHL 30E (£700), CHR 12S (£300), CIG 1 (£2,000), 8181 D (£2,500), DAV 105N (£250), DAZ 98 (£350), 67 EA (£2,200), 51 EEK (£1,200) ERV 111E (£250), FA11 OFF (£700), 911 FAN (£1,200) FAR 14A (£300), 246 FER (£1,200), FER 348X (£250), FUE 1L (£500), GAZ 1234 (£250), GRU 13B (£300), HA11 AMS (£700), HEC 702R (£250), 16 HOG (£1,200), ICZ 786 (£300), JAS 805S (£250), 444 JEN (£1,200), JOE 848Y (£250),KAZ 987 (£300), KR15 TEN (£700), LFC 130Y (£250), 80 LLY (£1,200), LYN 3E (£350), MAT 1H (£500), 928 MAX (£1,200), 911 MPR (£1,200), NAS 11H (£300), NAT 110N (£250) NAZ 2 (£500),  NE57 EGG (£700), 40 O (£2,500), 5 ONE (£1,200), PA15 LEY (£700), 912 POR (£1,200), RAJ 6S (£350), 12 RAV (£1,200), RE64 TTA (£700), ROS 4A (£350), SA14 MON (£700), SU13 ARU (£700), S151 NGH (£250), TE12 ESA (£700), 1000 TH (£2,000), 70 TTY (£1,200), 77 UFO (£1,200), 5 UMS (£1,200), 600 V (£2,500), V42 NEY (£250), WA11 ABY (£700), WAZ 57 (£350), 8888 X (£2,500), YEO 15 (£300), Y35 RAJ (£250).