DMC Ferrari 488 GTB

August 1, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 1, 2016

DMC Ferrari 488 GTB
Since its foundation, the DMC brand became a reference for luxury refinement. One of DMC’s particular passion has been for professional aero parts, especially Rear Wings. For instance, DMC’s spoiler found on the LP700 has become so iconic that some people buy the car just because of the refiner’s design. It’s our sincerest pleasure to introduce you two new DMC wings for the Ferrari 488 GTB today.

As usual, DMC’s wing is approved and certified by German TUV, the highest quality control unit for vehicle components. And more than that, each spoiler can also be set to three different positions: CRUISE, FUN and TRACK MODE are different angles that the driver can set manually to achieve a different aerodynamic feel.

Both spoilers feature the DMC typical edge design (the part not only sits on top of the car, but beautifully corners around its rear edge). The difference between the two wings is the height though: Style 1 is higher and more aggressive, while Style 2 (the one with the DMC lions) is more elegant and lower.

While featuring a unique appearance, both DMC wings are integrated with the car’s original design. They flow with the automobile’s lines and don’t look aftermarket, a value that the Germans put a lot of attention to. It could be factory if you wouldn’t know better, so the mission is achieved.