Cobra Seats Bespoke Team Does It Again!

November 3, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on November 3, 2015

Seat Front - Copy
Ever-keen to give their customers precisely what they desire, the talented needle-and-thread meisters at Cobra Seats in Telford will stop at nothing to create a unique masterpiece.

Exhibit ‘A’ is shown here as a great example of what this clandestine division of Cobra Seats can produce. Tucked away in the dark recesses of Cobra’s R&D department (just past the photocopier and left at the canteen) literally anything is possible in terms of seat design. Well, actually, that’s not strictly true. If you come in asking for something in pink vinyl with green spots, you’ll doubtless be politely asked to leave the premises immediately!

The seats in question here were for well-known journalist, show presenter and film producer Bryn Musselwhite. Contributor to the well-known SpeedHunters website (as well as several other magazines) Bryn’s leftfield 240 Volvo project is a regular, nay stalwart, attendee at many of top UK shows. Bryn’s vision for the seats were presumably influenced by his many trips to Italy – and his time spent with many of the world’s greatest supercar manufacturers. Bryn himself may have been under the influence of something else altogether, however…

That notwithstanding, Cobra’s crack team set about transforming his poorly drawn, child-like sketch in something that wouldn’t look out of place in a Miura or Urraco. Based on the race-proven Suzuka Pro shell, complete with Pro-Fit padding, this design sprinkles a tastefully vented corduroy cushion set (carefully matched to Bryn’s favourite jacket) with exquisitely tailored, and contrast-stitched leather detailing (fastidiously matched to his favourite trousers…)

The result truly is something to delight, revel and sit in… and it’s clear that Bryn was elated with his purchase. “I am truly indebted to the Cobra team for their stellar work on this seat design,” he beamed. “It’s fantastic to see British craftsmanship and quality can still lead the world, and I really can’t wait to bolt them in.”

Of course, you don’t have to be a top flight scene celeb and global journo to get a bespoke Cobra seat in your pride and joy. Bryn is absolute proof of that… But, if you too fancy something totally unique for your car, and if you can find them, then Cobra’s ‘A’ Team are standing by to take your call.

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