Cobra Classic Sofa – Custom Made To Relax In Racecar Style

March 5, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 3, 2015

Cobra Classic Sofa

Cobra Seats’ Classic Sofa answers the dilemma that every petrolhead has as they cross the threshold into their home or office; namely “Just how will I get my car fix for the next few hours?”

Thankfully, Cobra’s ingenious designers have created the perfect solution. How about a hand-finished, custom made two-seater sofa, that looks exactly like a stretched racing bucket seat… probably because that’s exactly what it is…

The Cobra Classic is fabricated by the same race engineers that keep BTCC superstars like Matt Neal and Colin Turkington safe in their day jobs, which let’s face it, is probably a bit of overkill for just sitting down to watch EastEnders – but there you go; they’re only able to work to one quality, and that has to keep race scrutineers happy. It does mean these sofas are totally kid-proof however. In fact your kids are going to need to generate forces in excess of 35G to damage this particular item of furniture – and that will damage them first.

To that end, a substantial, mandrel bent tubular steel frame holds it all together, which can be finished in any colour you so desire. In fact, the whole sofa may be ordered in literally any colour, trim or design combination you want. Need a team sofa for your VIP hospitality area, with full custom embroidery and in your team colours? It’s a phone call away! How about a smart, functional looking number, tastefully embroidered with your company logo for reception. Yessir, they’ve done a few of those too! Or, if you just want the inside of your house to look like the inside of your car, then it’s all too easy for them to loving craft one of those over a couple of days to your precise wishes. Whether you want Leather, Suede, Vinyl, Dinamica, Alcantara, Cloth or even an inlay that matches the curtains in your “Private Space” then it’s all up for grabs.

Put simply, if you like cars, and you’re not sitting on of these during your time away from the wheel, then you’re doing it all wrong. Be the talk of your dinner party circuit, improve your life/posture/feng shui generally and proclaim your A1 petrolhead status to the masses with this stunning piece of furniture. Priced from £699 including VAT, you really have no excuse for visiting one of those soulless sofa outfits now, do you?