4 things to consider when restoring a classic car

December 23, 2019 By Mike
Last updated on December 23, 2019

Have you found a beautiful classic car that you want to restore to its former glory? Restoration is a great way to bring an old car back to life, but there are certain things you must consider before investing in that set of wheels. Get the right tools for the job Taking on most of […]

What Volkswagen Should You Buy?

December 9, 2019 By Mike
Last updated on December 9, 2019

When looking for a new automobile, it is always a smart idea to go with one of the more trusted, recognised and reliable brands. Volkswagen is one of the most popular manufacturers and it is easy to see why as they have a long history of making high-quality, reliable and practical cars at good value […]

When You Should Purchase GAP Insurance

November 27, 2019 By Mike
Last updated on November 27, 2019

There is one type of insurance which is often overlooked but actually a type that all motorists should consider – GAP insurance. GAP insurance is an optional policy which will cover the shortfall between the insurance payout and the amount originally paid/outstanding when you purchased the vehicle. Due to depreciation, this could be by an […]

The Evolution of Disability Friendly Vehicles

November 26, 2019 By Mike
Last updated on November 26, 2019

At one time, if you had a disability you simply couldn’t drive. Cars weren’t built for those with disabilities, which meant many people were left feeling isolated and dependant upon others to get where they needed to go. However, today, developments in technology have led to disability friendly vehicles being introduced onto the marketplace. Here, […]

MOT Checklist & Expert tips for passing MOT in Stirling

November 13, 2019 By Mike
Last updated on November 13, 2019

If you drive a car, you must be familiar with the term “MOT” No matter how much you want to procrastinate; you ultimately have to get your vehicle tested. Number one reason for this is that it is unlawful to drive a car without a MOT certificate. It doesn’t end here, your road tax won’t […]

The Latest & Best Tech in the Newest Range of Mercedes Vehicles

August 21, 2019 By Mike
Last updated on August 21, 2019

There is little doubt that Mercedes is one of the most desirable brands in the world. This is, in part, thanks to their incredibly beautiful and stylish luxury automobiles, but also because of the technology that is found within these cars. Mercedes has always been a pioneer when it comes to automotive technology – they […]