ACS1 5.0d Is The Fastest Diesel On The Hockenheim Short Circuit

October 24, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on October 24, 2016

AC Schnitzer vehicles are perfectly at home in the fast lane of the motorway in flowing traffic. Just like on public roads, they are equally at home on the race track. Because every AC Schnitzer vehicle is as ideally suited to the track use as to everyday use. Following the motto: “Anything goes, everything’s optional”, […]

MANSORY Has Refined The Bentley Bentayga To Create The Ultimate Luxury SUV

October 24, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on October 24, 2016

There’s no doubt about it – MANSORY knows what they’re doing when it comes to refining luxury automobiles. With their tuning programme for the all-terrain Bentayga from the British luxury brand Bentley, the Bavarian brand MANSORY has established themselves as the first port of call for sporting accessories and exciting bodywork design. With a depth […]

Porsche 991 Stinger GTR gen. 2

October 20, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on October 20, 2016

We are pleased to present you the next generation of the most complicated projects – an aerodynamic body kit for the Porsche 991 Turbo / S, which was named Stinger GTR gen.2. Traditionally, in all our projects, which have the prefix GTR, meant the hardest job with the car body: the replacement of most of […]

Liberty Walk Announces Brand New Body Kit Range For Mercedes C63 AMG

October 17, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on October 17, 2016

Proving that it’s nothing if not on the pulse when it comes to the latest releases in the constantly evolving, fast paced world of premium model modification, Liberty Walk has just taken the wraps of its latest kit, one designed to fit the mighty Mercedes C63 AMG. AMG Mercs have been nothing short of a […]

BRABUS 850 XL Based On The Mercedes-Benz GLS

September 29, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on September 29, 2016

Luxury SUV with 625 kW / 850 HP, 1,450 Nm of torque, a top speed of 300 km/h and 23-inch forged wheels Some like it extra-large and super strong: That is why BRABUS (Brabus-Allee, D-46240 Bottrop, phone + 49 / (0) 2041 / 777-0, fax + 49 / (0) 2041 / 777 111, Internet […]

ABT Sportsline – 120 Years Of ABT Special

September 26, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on September 26, 2016

When a traditional and family-owned company turns 120, this certainly shows that its managers have never lacked ideas, stamina and power – even in troubled times. No wonder, then, that the innovative ABT Sportsline upgrades bear a special name, viz. ABT POWER. And the T6, TTS, TT and QS3 anniversary editions will, of course, be […]