Carbon Revolution Announces Bespoke CR-9 Wheels for Porsche 997

September 27, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on September 27, 2016

Porsche GT3
Without doubt the most important development in the field of automotive wheel technology for decades, Carbon Revolution design and manufacture one-piece carbon fibre wheels for some of the most exclusive performance cars in the world. The firm’s latest fitment option is for the iconic Porsche 911, specifically the 997 range. Its signature offering, the CR-9, can be had for all variants of the 997 in regular five-stud fitment or centrelock.

The Porsche 911 is very much a motorsport icon, a car that’s done more than any other to cement its maker’s reputation as the builder of some of the most successful competition machines of all time. The 997 generation of the 911 is arguably one of the best iterations of Stuttgart’s finest, and the range topping GT3 model can proudly claim to be one of the most focused sports cars ever built, making it a natural fit for the Carbon Revolution CR-9.

Custom designed for the 997, the CR-9 bolts into place perfectly and precisely, and entails none of the compromises that are part and parcel of fitting more conventional, alloy aftermarket wheels. An offset that replicates the factory fitted wheels ensures clearance to chassis and body under the full range of suspension movement, while a diameter of 19in means that there’s no chance of fouling the caliper.

In addition to the 5-stud wheel, Carbon Revolution has also developed a version of the CR-9 that interfaces with the Porsche centrelock mechanism. It is a direct bolt-on replacement for the standard aluminium wheel on the GT2, GT3 and GTS as well as any other 997 vehicle that might have been treated to a centrelock upgrade. Exhaustive testing has proven the robustness of this centrelock variant, with strength, durability and torque retention all proven out.

Boasting the incredible design features enjoyed by all Carbon Revolution products, the all new Porsche 997 fitment CR-9 promises to dramatically cut down on unsprung weight, its one-piece carbon fibre construction weighing in at much less than the OEM wheel. Lighter than any comparable alloy wheel and blessed with huge strength thanks to its unique construction method, Carbon Revolution’s CR-9 represents a massive 40% weight saving over an equivalent alloy, and therefore chimes perfectly with the performance ethos underpinning the 997, and this is particularly true of the GT3 model.

Cutting down unsprung weight has obvious performance and handling benefits, all of which will be keenly felt from the driving seat. It’s no exaggeration to say that fitting CR9 wheels has the potential to transform the 997 GT3’s already pin-point sharp chassis, reducing rotational inertia and enabling the car in question to accelerate faster and change direction more precisely.

Away from the obvious performance benefits brought about by the CR-9’s carbon fibre construction, the wheel’s appearance is nothing short of stunning. A timeless, multi-spoked design that calls to mind some of the most iconic cars to ever grace a circuit, and wholly appropriate considering the track-focused nature of the carbon fibre technology that made it possible.

The launch of the Porsche 997 fitment CR-9 marks a new era for the Stuttgart icon, and it’s certainly very good news for those owners that value performance and handling poise above all else, and are looking for that extra performance edge. Available in 19in diameter and with a 997-friendly offset, the all new CR-9 is priced as below. For further information visit


Retail price for a set of 4 wheels (all sizes)        £15,000 (including VAT@20%)

Additional options;

– Centre-lock (Porsche OEM tyre)           £1500

– Thermal Barrier Coat                             £1500