Car Tools

April 7, 2013 By Mike Lee
Last updated on October 21, 2014

There are many car tools designed to help the DIY mechanic to carry out those little and not so little jobs.

Here we have put together a brief description and images of many of the tools we have found useful over the years. It is by no means the definitive list of mechanics tools, but a handy look at some of the tools most DIY mechanics should have in their garage. we’re not going to be covering precision tools, such as dial indicators or micrometers here, mainly because people are less likely to rebuild their own engines nowadays.

We’ve divided the tools into different groups, however many of the tools can be used for many more uses and indeed overlap their use into other groups.

Garage Setup

A Guide To Garage Safety
Safety First – Garage Safety, a guide to working safe in your DIY mechanic garage.

A Guide To Mechanics Hand Tools
Mechanics Hand Tools, a guide to some useful hand tools for the DIY mechanic.

A Guide To Air Compressor And Tools
A compressing guide to your air compressor choice and useful tools to go with it, as well as some handy bits and pieces for preparing your car for spraying.

A Guide To Car Electricial Tools
Car Electricial Tools, a guide to some useful tools and equipment to keep you in “charge”!

A Guide To Bodywork Tools
Bodywork tools, a guide to useful diy tools for your cars bodywork.

A Guide To Car Jacks
Car jacking, no not car jacking where someone takes your car at a set of traffic lights, but a guide to different types of car jacks for your diy mechanics garage.

A Guide To Other Mechanics Tools
Other Mechanics Tools, a guide to more useful bits and pieces, that you will find handy to have in your garage.