Car Shades Launches Bespoke Classic VW Beetle Kit

April 3, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on April 3, 2016

Car Shades Launches Bespoke Classic VW Beetle Kit
The expansive Car Shades line gains a range of new and exciting fitment options, including a variety of kits for different incarnations on the Classic VW Beetle.

As one of the most prolific, widely customised, restored and cherished classic on the roads, the VW Beetle has rightly cemented its place in the automotive Hall of Fame. With millions still left on the road – and a booming restoration and aftermarket scene to care for them, the other brand of ‘Beetlemania’ shows no sign of stopping any time soon, it seems. This success explains why Car Shades, the world’s premier manufacturer of automotive sun shields, has opted to include the model in its recently expanded range of easy to apply, highly effective sun shades. This means that Beetle owners, can benefit from the innovative design of Car Shades.

Car Shades are unique in that they’re custom designed to fit a specific car. This means that, unlike the traditional, sucker-mounted screens that’ve been popular with families for decades, they fit perfectly, securely and with no fuss, and leave no unsightly sucker marks or residue when removed. The patented Clip-Eaze technology used to hold them in place is not only highly effective, it’s easy to apply and simple to use, meaning that both rear passenger window apertures can be totally covered in minutes. Perhaps the ultimate proof of the excellence inherent in the Car Shades design is that they’re supplied to some of the biggest and most successful OEMs in the automotive arena -all of whom have been full of praise for the system and its capabilities.

True enthusiasts will know that the VW Beetle used many different glass-house sizes through its life – and Car Shades has developed solutions for most of the ‘60s and ‘70s incarnations with both lower and higher profile rear and side window configurations catered for.

Not only are Car Shades simple to clip into place, they’re hugely effective at keeping the sun’s powerful rays to a safe and tolerable level. Car Shades have been proven to cut down a huge proportion of UV radiation, a stat which helps explain why cars fitted with Car Shades are so much cooler on hot, sweltering summer days. Great new for a car like the Beetle which is as rare as hen’s teeth with an air con option!

The safety benefits of Car Shades don’t stop at mere UV protection – and they can even serve to protect occupants from the annoying and potentially dangerous effects of piercing autumnal and winter sunlight. Think, how many times have you had to squint and struggle to see clearly on frosty days with low-level sunlight? Car Shades remove this at a stroke, resulting in a far more pleasant experience for all concerned. Better still, they give the cool look of window tints, but with the added reversibility of being removable in seconds!

Coming with simple instructions, the whole set can be in position in less than two minutes thanks to an easy “Clip Eaze” technology. They are also quick to remove, simply unclip the shades and place them in their smart, protective zip-up bag. As an added bonus, they store flat and take very little room. Beetle kits start at £50.99 excluding VAT

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