Wrecked Performance Cars

April 14, 2013 By Mike Lee
Last updated on July 27, 2015

It’s a sad sight to see wrecked performance cars, especially old collectibles. Although it’s a joy to watch these older ones getting used around a track in an historic rally/race. Some of the cars pictured here are considered to be great handling cars. Speed and driver error are the likely causes for most of these crashes.

Even if it’s just your daily driver, damage to your car can be a real pain, from the heart ache, the hassle of not having a car for a while, the insurance paperwork and much more, putting your car in a ditch or round a lamp post is neither clever or funny.


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Crashed 1937 Riley Falcon Special Crashed Race Car  WrecKed Porsche 911
Wrecked Porsche Crashed AC Cobra Replica Crashed Camaro
Crashed Impreza Turbo Crashed Skyline GTR Crashed VX220
Wrecked Mustang Wrecked Ferrari Wrecked Porsches
Crashed Corvette Crashed 1962 Jag E Type Crashed Hyundia Coupe
Crashed TVR Crashed Lotus Elise Crashed Jaguar XJ8
Crashed RX7 Crashed SLK Wrecked Mustang Film Studio

Wrecked Cars

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