Car Sounds

April 14, 2013 By Mike Lee
Last updated on July 27, 2015

We love the sound of a performance engine, whether it be from Italian exotica, American push rod V8’s, tuned turbo’d Japanese machinery, they all have their individual sounds. Some people will have this argument that a Ferrari sounds better than an American V8 and vice versa, but does it really matter? if all engines sounded the same it would be pretty boring!

I personally love to hear a V8 go from idle to partial throttle blips and quick blasts. I also love how an Italian Exotic reaches the higher revs, with gear changes high up the rev range. Totally different engine characteristics and sounds.

Have a listen to the sounds in these video’s and if you can turn the volume up – do so! Note: Many of the cars are modified – Enjoy!

Ultimate Sounds, Part II

Ultimate Sounds, Part III

Ultimate Sounds, Part IV

Ultimate Sounds, Part V

1965 Shelby Cobra – The Sound

TVR Chimaera No Silencers

Cars Engine Sound

Bad ass Mustang Cobra with Kenne Bell Supercharger

F1 Sound Battle!!!


350Z X02 Exhaust Sound Clip

Alfa Romeo GTV6 Racing Sound

Aston Martin AMV8 Brutal Acceleration!! Sick sound!!

BMW E46 M3 CSL Straight Pipes

Bugatti Veyron Revving!!!

Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo Super Sound

Motor Sound Collection

Motor Vision Sounds

Motorvision Best of Sounds

Hot Rod V8 Great Sound

Aston Martin Sound

Porsche 997 Twin Turbo with TechArt & Tubi Race Exhaust

Lancia Delta Evoluzione!!

(Mad Max) Replica Iiterceptor Engine Sound

R34 GT-R Exhaust Sound

XKR With Full Milltek Exhaust by Paramount Performance