BRABUS Classic offers restored Mercedes-Benz vintage cars

December 17, 2018 By Mike
Last updated on February 8, 2019

BRABUS Classic offers a wide range of authentically restored Mercedes-Benz vintage cars with two-year warranty and Classic Data value appraisal grade of “A” plus complementary evaluation.

For more than four decades, BRABUS has been devoted to Mercedes-Benz vehicles, working to the highest standards. The BRABUS Classic Division has now been in existence for ten years. It specializes in restoring vintage cars from the Swabian automaker.

A particular specialty: the BRABUS Classic 6-Star Restoration. It involves rebuilding Mercedes-Benz vintage cars from the ground up, absolutely true to the original by the hands of masters and with great love of detail. This process can take up to 6,000 hours of labor and uses countless new parts.

BRABUS (Brabus-Allee, D-46240 Bottrop, phone +49 / (0) 2041 / 777-0, fax +49 / (0) 2041 / 777 111, internet vouches for the outstanding quality of these perfectly restored classics not only with the exclusive “BRABUS Classic 6-Star Certified High-Quality Restoration” label: These vehicles also come with the one-of-a-kind two-year BRABUS Classic Warranty with unlimited miles.

Classic Data, Germany’s leading expert organization for vintage cars, rates each one of these vehicles once the BRABUS Classic 6-Star Restoration is complete. Due to the unrivaled quality and authenticity of the work, Classic Data has given every Mercedes-Benz vintage car rebuilt in the Manufaktur in Bottrop to date a grade of “A” for their condition and added “new car character” to each of these expert opinions.

In addition, numerous victories at Concours d’Elégance competitions as part of leading international vintage car events substantiate the outstanding quality of all the work.

BRABUS Classic not only offers a wide selection of immediately available Mercedes-Benz vintage cars in the highest BRABUS Classic 6-Star quality, but also restores vehicles for clients.

The classics for sale are especially rare treasures such as 300 SL Gullwings and Roadsters as well as 280 SE 3.5 Cabriolets and Coupes of the W 111 model series. There is a particularly large selection of immediately available 280 SL “Pagoda” Roadsters in different color combinations.

Every BRABUS Classic 6-Star vintage car was rebuilt to precisely the same specifications as it was once delivered in as a new vehicle by Mercedes-Benz. This not only applies to the exterior color and the upholstery, but also to the distinction of matching numbers, which means that the production number of the installed engine is exactly the one that was entered on the data card back when this vehicle was built.

The vehicles that have already been restored and are available for immediate sale can be found on the internet at

Home of the vintage car division at the headquarters of BRABUS Group in Bottrop is the BRABUS Plant 4 constructed in 2014. The facilities offer about 2,000 square meters of usable space and include a prestigious showroom and a modern workshop for restoration work and servicing.

“With our Plant 4 directly on Brabus-Allee, we have expanded the capacity of our Classic Division many times over to satisfy the global demand for our restorations,” explains BRABUS CEO Constantin Buschmann. “In the showroom of this modern Manufaktur, we offer lovers of precious vintage cars a wide range of outstanding automotive gems that have undergone a BRABUS Classic 6-Star Restoration and are immediately available. In addition, our discriminating clientele can personally see the precision and love our specialists devote to each car.”

The starting point for the rebirth of a classic Mercedes as part of a BRABUS 6-Star Restoration is always the disassembly of the original car down to the last nut and bolt. In the process, all parts are inspected and cataloged, unserviceable components are discarded and components that are suitable for reconditioning, such as chrome parts, are replated and returned to mint condition by the best specialists in the business.

The buyer of a vintage car restored by BRABUS Classic can rest assured that each detail is treated with loving care. To this end, BRABUS Classic invests between 1,500 and 6,000 hours of labor, depending on the vehicle in question.

All paint is removed from the body shell, which is then reconditioned by experienced master bodywork specialists and given a catalytic dip primer coating. Comprehensive corrosion protection using cutting-edge paint protection technologies is also part of the scope of the restoration as is a perfect paint job in the original color.

While work on the body is going on, the engine is completely disassembled in the BRABUS hi-tech engine shop and all parts are measured. The rebuilding process includes grinding and honing the cylinders as well as overhauling the cylinder head and the crankshaft assembly. The BRABUS technicians use that same precision in overhauling the drivetrain, including the transmission, driveshaft and differential.

Special Classic lubricants supplied by technology partner MOTUL ensure maximum reliability in everyday driving.

The BRABUS Classic specialists also accept no compromises with regard to the suspension and brakes: They replace all components with new parts and thus deliver optimal active safety.

The company upholstery shop creates interior appointments that are absolutely true to the original. It exclusively uses leathers, fabrics and carpeting of precisely the same color and quality as once used ex-factory in series production. Of course, all BRABUS Classic interiors are finished true to the original and with consummate perfection in every detail. The soft tops for the open-top Mercedes-Benz models are also manufactured in all the classic colors with the same high quality.

The BRABUS ornamental carpenters specialize in reconditioning all wood components in the cockpit and in creating completely new ones from the same type of wood.

After work in the various departments is complete, the Mercedes classic is rebuilt with utmost precision in the BRABUS Classic Manufaktur. Of course, not only are all mechanical wear parts replaced in the process, but also all seals and gaskets as well as the vehicle’s electrical system.

Before the vehicle is delivered to the customer, depending on the destination in a closed truck as a VIP transport or by airfreight, each vehicle is subjected to extensive functional testing as well as safety and quality checks.

BRABUS underscores the perfect execution of all work with a warranty that is unique in the entire vintage car sector: The automotive Mercedes classics, which were restored from the ground up, are sold with the exemplary two-year BRABUS Classic Warranty with unlimited miles.

In addition, buyers of a BRABUS Classic 6-Star vintage car receive an elaborately produced photo album of their own vehicle. It documents the various restoration steps in detail. What is more: The content also includes an extravagant photo shoot of the finished gem in the own BRABUS studio.

The manufacturer also recognizes the quality of the work. BRABUS Classic is an official Mercedes-Benz ClassicPartner.

Leading vintage car shows and associations also repeatedly honor the quality of the Mercedes-Benz classics rebuilt in Bottrop. The vehicles completely restored by BRABUS Classic have already garnered a host of awards at renowned Concours d’Elégance competitions. These include “Best of Show” awards from S.I.H.A. or at the Emirates Classic Festival Dubai. A BRABUS Classic 6-Star Mercedes 600 Pullman was honored as the best sedan of the show at the Concours d’Elégance of organizer S.I.H.A. at the TECHNO-CLASSICA 2017 for its outstanding authenticity and flawless workmanship.

Classic Data, Germany’s leading expert organization for vintage cars, rates each one of these vehicles rebuilt by BRABUS Classic once the restoration is complete. Without exception, each of these 6-star vehicles was given a grade of “A” for its condition and was attested “new car character” in addition.

The verdict by the Classic Data experts confirms the outstanding quality of the BRABUS Classic 6-Star Restorations, here citing the example of a Mercedes 280 SE 3.5 Cabriolet: “At the time of my inspection, the vehicle was in a restored condition equivalent to as-new.All major components were restored perfectly so that no signs of use are discernible. Old parts that could not be restored to mint condition were replaced with new parts. The powertrain was given a general overhaul and corresponds to new. The body is in perfect visual condition. The gaps are equal to or better than new. In conclusion, it is my expert opinion that this vehicle was restored in BRABUS hallmark fashion so perfectly that the original as-new condition was even surpassed. This is evident in the lovingly carried out detail work such as, e.g. the reproduction of the interior appointments, the perfect gaps etc., which in the ‘70s were not realized to this extent in series production. The asking price reflects the nature and scope of the restoration as well as the overall condition.”

Full service by BRABUS Classic does not end with the purchase or the restoration. The company also offers the entire range of services from oil changes and professional inspections to complete reconditioning. The motto for the proud owners: take a seat, start the engine and experience driving fun in its purest form!

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