BILSTEIN Goes Under The Bonnet Of Classic Cars

March 4, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on March 4, 2016

Lancia Beta Monte Carlo
We are all fascinated by the exteriors of famous cars, like the GS Tuning Lancia Beta Monto Carlo, driven in period by Hans Heyer, even when they are not moving. However, vehicles like this owe their iconic status both to their incomparable looks as well as their impressive engineering. It is engineering alone that created the hunters and hunted, the challengers and champions. BILSTEIN wanted to promote an awareness of this with its stand at this year’s Techno Classica in Essen, Germany, from 6 to 10 April 2016, at the same time demonstrating how the suspension of classic cars and historical racing vehicles can be reworked and improved.

The turbo-monster from the 1981 German Racing Championship season will be the main attraction on booth 163 in Hall 3.0, with its 500 hp, BILSTEIN mono-tube gas-pressure shock absorbers – with coilover height adjustment and special racing setup, this vehicle will introduce visitors to the thrilling world of motorsports engineering.  Driver Hans Heyer – well-known for saying “You know, I like being first” – had been champion the previous year in this prestigious series.

The suspension set-ups of the Alfa Giulia type 105, Porsche 911/912, 964 RSR or
BMWs 02, E30 and E36 are just as typical and characteristic of this type, as were their bodywork and engine designs. This is illustrated by the dismantled exhibits showcased on the stand, each of which represents different approaches to the upgrading or restoration of suspensions.

BILSTEIN’s Department for Special Customer Requests demonstrates the overhaul of the BILSTEIN B6 shock absorbers on the sporty middle-class Alfa Giulia type 105 legend. This product was designed as an improved replacement range in terms of performance and service life, and is also ideal for historic sports cars, like the early Porsche 911/912. However the name BILSTEIN is also synonymous with high-performance complete suspensions. The Department for Special Customer Requests demonstrates the special manufacture of a hybrid coilover using components from the BILSTEIN B14 and B16 products.

However, the “modern classic” segment is also very popular with BILSTEIN. The classic BMW 3 series of the 1980s and 90s – E30 and E36 – with BILSTEIN B8 shock absorbers, therefore deliver more driving fun than ever, without losing their original character. The specially shortened high-performance shock absorbers provide the required spring pre-tension of lowering or sports springs, supporting a sporty driving experience. And then the journey through time goes back another one or two decades – to the famous BMW 02, for which the Department for Special Customer Requests produced a tailor-made coilover. After all, no job is too difficult for these specialists, who rebuild, improve, modify or reproduce small batches of all types and brands of historical shock absorbers. After all, the classic scene offers more than enough challenges.