BILSTEIN Chassis Upgrades For Subaru WRX STI

April 22, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on April 22, 2016

BILSTEIN Chassis Upgrades For Subaru WRX STI (3)
The Subaru WRX STI is a true automotive icon which is an integral part of many PC or games console racing games. On a real country road, however, the street racer is even more fun than it is in the virtual world. In addition to the obligatory all-wheel drive and the turbo boxer engine, the standard BILSTEIN gas-pressure shock absorbers have a substantial influence on the handling of the car. Great as standard, then – but with the following aftermarket components, the German suspension specialists show that it can be even sportier. As the OEM supplier to Subaru’s STI division, BILSTEIN’s knowledge of this chassis is unparalleled.

As an upgrade or as a replacement for worn shock absorbers, the BILSTEIN B6 gas-pressure shock absorber is now available as part of the standard range. Following the claim of being “better than original”, it offers even more damping force for optimum performance, comfort and durability, even on poor road surfaces or with frequent heavy loads. WRX STI drivers who are considering lowering the ride height should treat themselves to BILSTEIN B8 gas-pressure shock absorbers in addition to lowering springs from a renowned manufacturer. These shock absorbers are specially shortened with a focus on a harmonious overall package, making a crucial contribution to precise handling.

In addition to the new BILSTEIN B12 Pro-Kit complete suspension, which features precisely tuned springs and shock absorbers, the BILSTEIN B16 coilover suspension is the ultimate component for sporting drivers. On the Subaru WRX STI, it provides full adjustable lowering from 15 to 25 millimetres. The ten-fold adjustment option for bump and rebound stage is a dream for professional drivers.

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