BILSTEIN B16 Fully Adjustable Suspension Now Available For Mazda RX8

August 10, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 10, 2016

BILSTEIN B16 Fully Adjustable Suspension Now Available For Mazda RX8 (1)
Hard as it might be to believe, the Mazda RX8 is actually a whopping 13 years old, time enough for it to have gained a sizeable following amongst both the modified and club racing communities. The RX8’s manic, screaming rotary engine is a big part of its appeal of course, but so to is its sublime handling and sheer popularity, traits which explain why BILSTEIN, the world leader in damping technology, has opted to include the model within its B16 range of adjustable suspension.

The versatility of the B16 package makes it suitable for both road and circuit driving, and therefore perfect for RX8s that will be driven to, on and from track days on a regular basis, or those committed to wringing every last ounce of handling poise from their car. The B16 coilovers feature 9 precise compression and rebound settings, ranging from comfort to competition, and all easily adjusted in situ via the twist of a dial.

The BILSTEIN B16’s threaded bodies offer an adjustment range of 20mm at both axles, along with lowering of approximately 30mm (front) and 50mm (rear). All B16 coilovers feature BILSTEIN’s highly regarded gas-pressure and mono-tube upside-down technology, plus progressively wound springs, the latter developed specifically for Mazda’s iconic sports car. All B16 height and damping rate adjustable suspension benefits from a comprehensive test and development programme, all undertaken by BISLTEIN’s renowned engineering team.

Longevity is as important to BILSTEIN’s technicians as overall performance, and as such all uprights in the B16 range come with a number of features intended to promote a long working life. Evidence of this commitment to reliability can be found in the disc springs and lock nuts, all of which have been manufactured from a special grade of aluminium alloy, and the Triple-C-Technology®surface coating, again intended to imbue the B16 range with outstanding corrosion resistance properties. The coilovers also feature round threads for easy adjustment, so ideal for last minute height adjustments.

The ultimate upgrade and the last word in damping technology, BILSTEIN’s B16 range looks set to be a must-have product for those Mazda RX8 owners seeking to dramatically improve the handling characteristics of their machines.

Price: £1517,08 including VAT. – 48-110297