Bader Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

July 22, 2022 By Mike
Last updated on July 22, 2022

A mighty, supercharged beast: Widebody Hellcat by S. Bader Karosserie und Lack

Even in its original condition, the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat is more than just an extremely powerful sedan: it’s a sedan with truly striking dimensions. Even the “slim” version, which has since been discontinued, comes in at an impressive 5.10 meters in length and 1.90 in width. The widebody kit fitted by the manufacturer takes the width of the Hellcat up toward the two-meter mark. And, if that’s not enough for you, that’s still no cause for concern, as there are tuning specialists more than happy to address this “problem”. The powerful American four-door shown here demonstrates just how muscular and brutish the results of such upgrades can be.

Built in 2016, it belongs to Sebastian Bader, who has run his workshop, S. Bader Karosserie und Lack, for many years in the town of Lebus, Brandenburg, close to the Polish border. In recent times, he has increasingly come to specialize in supplying eye-catching widebody after-market kits for US cars. No wonder, then, that his own Dodge has been given such an upgrade.

In this case, he opted for a striking widebody kit from Lion’s Kit. An essential element of this is obviously the protruding wheel house extensions, which add six centimeters on the front axle and nine centimeters on the back – on each side, of course. This takes the width of the Hellcat to a phenomenal 2.10 meters! The kit also comprises a front splitter as well as extensions for the sills and the side parts of the rear apron, giving the Dodge an even meaner, more athletic look. Finally, there is a larger ducktail-style spoiler lip fitted on the trunk lid. Another feature in addition to the kit is the newly installed engine hood from the even more powerful “Redeye” variant of the Charger Hellcat, with two additional outlets compared to the “normal” variants.

Of course, given the markedly bigger wheel houses, the Charger was simply crying out for a new set of rims. And that’s exactly what it got, in the form of high-quality Schmidt FS Line three-part wheels. They stand out thanks to their copper-colored stars with five double spokes and their black beds. The dimensions on the front axle are an impressive 295/35 ZR21, while the rear wheels measure 355/25 ZR21! Bader also chose to use 25 mm spacers to make sure these XXL wheels align perfectly with the edge of the fenders. And, to make sure everything is perfectly aligned in the vertical axis, the body has been lowered with a KW Variant 4 coilover suspension. A number of adjustable components from Eibach have also been installed on the front and rear axles, including coupling rods, control arms and stabilizers.

Sebastian Bader and his team even beefed up the ultra-powerful supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI V8, which delivers an impressive 717 hp and 881 Nm of maximum torque in its standard condition. They gave the Hellcat a Momentum GT cold air intake system as well as a new Blox 105 mm throttle valve. In addition, a GME Performance valve exhaust system with 200-cell catalytic converters produces an even angrier roar. And, last but not least, Sebastian Bader chose to upgrade the rest of the powertrain. A JXB Performance bearing now adds extra support to the prop shaft, while two differential enhancements from Per4mance Development have also been applied. All things considered, this is not only an absolute show car thanks to its wide body – it is also a car that offers significantly refined and improved handling.

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