Aston Martin & Ally Financial Offer A New Way To Experience Power, Beauty & Soul

May 2, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 2, 2015

Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster

  • Aston Martin and Ally Financial venture will offer the option of attractive lease payments to drive a new Aston Martin
  • Available across full range of handcrafted British sports cars and includes opportunity from Aston Martin to lease a V12 Vantage S Coupe for less than $1,900 per month*
  • New program available at Aston Martin’s 37-strong US dealership network starting May 2015

Aston Martin The Americas and Ally Financial today announce a new alliance launching a closed ended lease and retail finance program to US customers.

Ally has been named as the preferred financing source for the British luxury car company and will offer its full suite of automotive financial products and services at Aston Martin’s network of 37 dealerships in the United States. This will enable customers across the country to take advantage of attractive lease payments on a new Aston Martin.

Julian Jenkins, President, Aston Martin The Americas said: “We are delighted to finalise this exciting arrangement with Ally Financial.

“We undertook an extensive search for a financial services provider and believe Ally Financial with their extensive experience in the industry, are ideally placed to meet the high standards our customers expect.

“Alongside our globally coveted product range and a well-established dealership network, this new finance agreement broadens our customer offering and accessibility to the Aston Martin brand, supporting our ongoing growth in this region.”

Tim Russi, president, auto finance at Ally said: “Ally offers a distinctive customer-centric approach that aligns with Aston Martin’s brand philosophy that will appeal to their customers.

“We look forward to developing a strong relationship with the network of US dealerships and providing long term value to the Aston Martin brand.”

Through the agreement Ally will make available its premium services and comprehensive product offerings, such as retail and lease financing to Aston Martin’s US dealership network. Ally will also offer wholesale financing and remarketing services to US dealers. The agreement extends to all core Aston Martin sports cars – from the agile and sporting V8 and V12 Vantage to the company’s renowned GT cars; DB9, four-door Rapide S and flagship Vanquish.

Financial packages available from Aston Martin include access to competitive financing rates on 200mph Aston Martins including the extreme performance model; V12 Vantage S from less than $1,900 per month* and the four-door grand tourer; Rapide S from less than $2,300 per month*.

More information for customers is available via the Aston Martin website at: