Alcon ‘Superkit’ Braking Components For The Nissan R35 GT-R

July 26, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on July 26, 2016

Alcon 'Superkit' Braking Components For The Nissan R35 GT-R (11)
Alcon, one of the world’s foremost braking specialists and a name synonymous with stopping in a hurry, has announced that its highly regarded Superkit range includes fitment options for the Nissan R35 GT-R.

Nissan really did excel itself with the R35 GT-R. Now almost a decade old, the mighty ‘Godzilla’ still has the power, poise and engineering clout to trounce all but the most extreme of supercars. It’s a genuine automotive milestone and a car that serves to show the world that, when the chips are down, no one can touch Japan for game-changing technology.

Though a fine handling and stopping machine in standard guise (it should be, it’s made in a hermetically sealed factory remember), the R35 GT-R can be made to perform even better by careful addition of choice aftermarket parts, and Alcon’s kit is without doubt the most complete offering available.

The kit contains both front and rear discs, 400mm at the front, 385mm at the rear, and both feature Alcon’s bespoke float fixing drive system. Lighter than the already featherweight OE equivalents, the discs offer a far better surface area for the pad to bite into and feature a crescent groove pattern for improved gas release and increased initial ‘bite.’ The carefully designed grooves have been arranged in such a way as to provide exceptional heat dissipation in even the most intense, high-pressure of braking situations, reducing the chances of the discs warping or glazing. The discs also boast Alcon’s unique Turbulator casting, a feature that’s been proven to maximise cooling efficiency without compromising strength.

Alcon’s calipers are recognised as being among the best commercially available, and the examples included within the new Superkit have been custom designed to fit the GT-R and to work perfectly with the OEM Nissan hardware already in place. Based around a six-piston design, the monobloc calipers are incredibly effective and will have no problem bringing even the hardest charging GT-R to a stop, yet it’s the engineering which underpins them that’s perhaps most impressive. Alcon’s GT-R calipers are milled from a single block of lightweight aluminium billet, ensuring strength and uniformity, and therefore a swift and simple installation process. They also benefit from Alcon’s Optimised Structure Caliper Architecture (OSCA) design process, a structural optimisation tool that allows for the perfect caliper design to be achieved via careful analysis of key parameters and performance targets.

The Alcon GT-R Superkit can be specified with a choice of high friction brake pads, all of which have been tested to ensure they’re up to dealing with the heat and pressures generated by advanced braking. Alcon’s team of engineers will be able to advise and recommend the pads that best suit your specific needs.

Few brake manufacturers can claim to be as closely associated with top-tier motorsport as Alcon, the firm’s performance calipers and discs having been used by some of the most iconic, not to mention successful, race cars around. Alcon hardware has been found beneath the arches of F1 cars, Rallycross Supercars, WRC machines, BTCC winners and much else besides, so you can be confident that you’re buying from one of the most accomplished brake manufacturers on the planet.

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