ABT Sportsline VW Touareg

August 12, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 12, 2016

ABT Sportsline VW Touareg
ABT Touareg: Premium SUV with up to 385 HP

“The SUV success story started in 2002, also for us,“ says Hans-Jürgen Abt. The CEO of the globally largest tuner of cars produced by the Volkswagen Group knows what the car was with which the boom started for ABT Sportsline: “It was the Touareg, followed by the Q7, Tiguan, Q5 and Q3. But the Volkswagen is special to us.“ No wonder then that ABT has also enhanced the latest edition of this SUV. As always, ABT puts much emphasis on the “sports” in “SUV”.

ABT provides upgrades for the two turbo diesels in particular. The 3.0 TDI has been upgraded from 262 hp (193kW) to 290 hp (213 kW), the 4.2 now has 385 hp (283 kW), up from 340 hp (250 kW). Torque has been raised from 800 Nm to 880 Nm, in the smaller version from 580 Nm to 650 Nm. Powerful enough, surely, since the car is also quite often used as a towing vehicle, while still being expected to look good. And the ABT Touareg surely does that.

The specially developed aerodynamic package makes for this 2.3t car’s assertive appearance. The front grille add-on and head light covers make it look more powerful, the rear wing and rear skirt set with the ABT double tail pipe bezels make it look more sporty – especially so if augmented by ABT Sportsline sport-type wheels. Available are the CR and DR in 20 and 22’’. Of course, they are also available with the right premium tires.

But power also has to be kept in check, so ABT uses ABT springs or the ABT Level Control system, air springs lowering the CoG by up to 40 mm on the front axle and 30 mm on the rear axle. But this does not make the ABT Touareg less comfortable at all. An ABT Sportsline SUV is always racy and versatile, an ideal travel companion and transporter that is dynamic into the bargain. And with the 3.0 or 4.2 TDI it is even economical!

The ABT Touareg – Data and Facts


Engine:                                          4.2 TDI, 4.134 cc capacity, V8
Performance Tuning:                    ABT POWER „New Generation“
Performance:                                385 HP/283 KW (Serial: 340 HP/250 kW) 880 Nm (Serial: 800 Nm)

Engine:                                          3.0 TDI, 2.967 cc capacity, V6
Performance Tuning:                    ABT POWER „New Generation“
Perfomance:                                 290 HP/213 KW (Serial: 262 HP/193 kW) 650 Nm (Serial: 580 Nm)

ABT front grille add on
ABT head light covers
ABT rear wing
ABT rear skirt set with double rear tail pipe bezels (90 mm Ø)

ABT suspension springs (lowering front axle 40 mm, rear axle 35 mm)
ABT Level-Control (lowering front axle 40 mm, rear axle 30 mm)

ABT SPORT WHEELS CR and DR Design in 9.0 x 20 and 10.0 x 22 inch
Available also as complete set with sport tires in 275/45 R20 or 295/30 R22

ABT floor mats
ABT trunk mat
ABT door entrance lights