ABT Sportsline Audi RS Q3

December 2, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on December 2, 2016

ABT Sportsline Audi RS Q3
In the new Audi RS Q3, the compact class’s premium model, an SUV’s sportiness becomes obvious, particularly after it has gone through a treatment administered by ABT Sportsline. Version 1 of the 2.5l TFSI, rated 410 hp/ 301 kW (production car: 340 hp/ 250 kW) and torque raised from 450 to 530 Nm, is already very fast. But an even better compact SUV is the ABT version rated 430 hp or 316 kW (production car: 367 hp/270 kW). Thanks to
ABT POWER “New Generation“ the potential is utilised in almost any gear and this super SUV’s top speed is 285 kph, making it a real super sports car, too.

ABT Sportsline’s aerodynamic and design experts have also developed a rear skirt set to go with this exceptional performance, embodying power and dynamism even when the car is standing still. Only think of the 4-pipe exhaust with its dual tailpipes and their diameter of 89mm. And then there are deco sets in four different extravagant designs for the rear skirt set, in shiny black, charcoal, silver or a cool grid pattern. Important for both the car’s looks and for pushing it to the limit are the ABT sport-type coilovers, lowering the CoG between 15 and 45mm front and rear and thus making the Audi RS Q3 appear more assertive and powerful.

And with ABT’s sport-type wheels DR, ER-C and FR in 19, 20 or 21‘‘ the design becomes complete. It goes without saying that all these are also available in combination with Dunlop or Continental high-performance tires. After all, this 4WD sports car’s performance must also be put on the black top, don’t you think?