A showcase in design from Automotive Performance Styling

June 19, 2019 By Mike
Last updated on June 19, 2019

Automotive Performance Styling offer their customers custom design choices to create a car worthy of that centre page magazine spread.

Take a look at the absolutely stunning AMG C63, Created by Impressive Wrap it’s their take on the traditional New York ‘Yellow Cab’ complete with the bright yellow finish and the checkerboard door decals, Add to this the custom made wide body kit from Darwin PRO that includes; the summer must have – the iMP Performance hood complete with transparent panel. Front lip with unique side canards that turn in on themselves, rear diffuser and lip with chrome exhaust tips, chunky side skirts that give the door almost an extension and finally a ‘Big Boy’ over hanging adjustable GT wing. Surely the only Taxi you would ever want to be seen going home in.

At Automotive Performance Styling we are constantly looking to update you on how the designers we work with are developing new modifications and styling pieces that change the look and feel of the original car. In such a way, that you guys want to make the same changes to your car. But that’s only part of the job. The other part is how the car is displayed so that it stirs your emotions. And nobody is better at doing that than the car photographer Robin Cargrapher. His uses of lighting combined with his camera skills bring every detail of the car alive in front of your very eyes. Nowhere is that more evident than here with this MTC Design/BlackSails wide body M2. Every shot is absolutely stunning; we hope you enjoy this small collection of his work