5 Important Checks to Make Before Buying a Used Car

November 20, 2018 By Mike
Last updated on November 20, 2018

In recent times, people prefer buying second hand vehicles over their brand-new counterparts. Typically, they’re preferred due to lower earnings, and the popularity of used cars has been souring largely due to this reason. While it’s not very good news for the car market in terms of newer makes and models, many car owners are still getting cost effective deals when browsing the stocks of used cars and more.

Consequently, here are 5 important checks to make before buying a used car.

The Dealer
You should always double-check the repute of the dealer you’ll be interacting with. What have other customers said about him or her? Does he or she offer fair and legitimate deals, or do they aggressively back you into a corner with a series of overbearing sales pitches to scam you with? In the end, a good deal begins with a good dealer, so make sure you scout around for the best of the bunch.

Damage Inspection
While any dealer or garage you’re working with will naturally assure you that the used car you’re interested in is in good condition, it’s better to make certain for yourself. Go over your car and look closely for any signs of flat tyres, dents in the bodywork, panel gaps, glass chips and any other signs of wear and tear that would raise a red flag. Even if the dealer is reputable, you should trust nobody more than yourself when making the big decision to purchase a used car.

Obvious Repairs
Moreover, even any signs of obvious repairs can be telling. After all, not every fix is a permanent one, so look out for signs of mismatched bodywork or any components that don’t look like a natural fit for the vehicle. In the end, extensive repairs may have been made in a fit of desperation, perhaps because the used vehicle is prone to frequent malfunctioning. Avoid that scrappy and thrown together feel of a car; used cars sell themselves by their quality, not for how long they can feebly cling onto life for.

Safety Features
You should always get the feel for any car you want to buy before signing anything and handing your cash over. This can be your chance to review the safety features first hand; do the lights come on in a timely, bright fashion? Are the breaks crisp and sharp? Do the seatbelts work efficiently and do the windscreen wipers work well? These are all questions you need the answers too, and the test drive is the perfect opportunity do some detective work in these areas.

Reviewing the Paperwork
Of course, cars don’t flaunt all their problems for your naked eye to see. Some of the issues come down to the paperwork pertaining to the vehicle; the MOT history, stolen vehicle checks, the number of previous owners, etc. Ensure it’s all there to make certain that the deal being made is thorough and legitimate, and that you’re not being sold a problem car. If there any gaps here, enquire with the dealer for answers. In the end, an informed choice is always more likely to be a good choice.