27 Porsche 911s Fill The Grid For Last Chance By Liveauctioneers’ April 14 Sale

April 3, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on April 3, 2016

1974 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe
In the 1970 tune titled Mercedes Benz, Janis Joplin sang, “My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends.” In real life Joplin, too, drove a Porsche, a 1964 356 C 1600 SC Cabriolet. Her classic sports car with a psychedelic paint job sold for $1.76 million at an auction last December.

Now a newer collection of 27 Porsches – with the same rock-star appeal – will be sold in an online auction conducted by Last Chance by LiveAuctioneers. Absentee bidding has begun, and the live online auction will be held on Thursday, April 14, starting at noon Pacific time, 3 p.m. Eastern.

The entire collection was assembled by a Porsche enthusiast who – like his father – has collected the luxury sports car marque for years. The owner learned the ropes from his father and, for years, has been handpicking Porsches for numerous dealers across the country.

The auction gets off to a fast start with a 1974 Model 911 Carrera Coupe in black. Then it hits the straightaway with a 2009 Model 911 Turbo Coupe in green, and finishes strong with a 2013 Porsche Model 911 Carrera S in gray.

In fact, all 27 cars are 911 Carreras except for a lone 911 Turbo Coupe.

Ten cars are from the 1990s, and 15 are 2000 or later.

Estimates range from a low of $30,000 to more than $166,000. All of the cars carry a reserve (minimum acceptable selling price).

View all 27 Porsches online at LiveAuctioneers.com.