2017 ABT Power Days with discount offered

August 28, 2017 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 28, 2017

The ABT POWER DAYS will take place from September 14th to 26th, 2017. A 20% discount on all ABT Power packages will be available during this period. In addition to the power itself, the primary features of the engine upgrade from ABT Sportsline are the careful testing, the excellent quality and the extensive warranties. The ABT Audi RS5 with 510 HP and 680 Nm and the ABT Audi SQ5 with 425 HP and 550 Nm stand out in particular this year. ABT Sportsline also offers performance increases for many models of Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda. Examples are the popular VW T6 with 235 HP and 490 Nm or the Skoda Octavia RS, which thanks to ABT gets an upgrade to 315 HP and 450 Nm.

Also ABT customers are fully covered. Two years and up to 100.000 km ABT warranty are included and will be offered in following countries: Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Italy and Poland.

“Our ABT engine control unit, which was developed in-house, was designed using manufacturers’ standards and we adapt the software to each individual engine version. The additional control module does not interfere with the protective measures of the standard control module,” Managing Director Hans-Jürgen Abt points out. “Of course we also offer our customers the best warranty services accordingly.”

ABT Power increases the engine power without increasing fuel consumption during normal operation. To be up-to-date all the time, the ABT engine control is under constant further development, based on the current technology trends in the automotive industry. Of course, the models from ABT Sportsline also come with the corresponding TÜV Rheinland certificate.

The ABT POWER DAYS are the ideal time for immersing yourself into the world of Abt. Individually developed software, hardware perfectly adapted to the vehicles, the best warranty services, the wide range for vehicles from Audi and VW as well as the careful testing procedures set standards. “In addition to the quality and the warranties, our customers abroad can also save money – the discount event takes place at the same time in Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Finland, Hungary, Luxembourg, Ukraine and Slovakia as well as in Italy,” Hans-Jürgen Abt points out.

Power increase – but safely! ABT Engine Control offers 3rd dimension power

“Chip tuning does not always have the best reputation,” tuning expert Hans-Jürgen Abt explains. He therefore avoids this overused term to set himself apart from the multitude of often rather dubious offers in this segment. He knows very well, though, what a technically feasible and perfectly functioning power increase should look like: His company ABT Sportsline uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure that reliability, durability, consumption and emission behavior stay at production level despite the added horsepower under the hood.

In addition to the company’s own extensive warranties, orders from the Volkswagen Group for special editions with increased power have also repeatedly vouched for the quality of ABT Sportsline. But how can you separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to chip tuning? A whole range of quality characteristics and USPs come into play where the separate ABT Engine Control units are concerned. These set ABT Sportsline apart from sellers of risky cheap products as well as from serious competitors. In addition, everything is designed so that programming can easily be carried out through the extensive ABT dealer network, facilitating customer logistics.

Special features of power increases with ABT Engine Control (AEC)

3D optimization: ABT uses a three-dimensional characteristics grid over engine load and speed rather than the often used two-dimensional characteristic curve only over speed.

The positive effect: The change in the sensor values is only active on full load and in areas near full load, there is less strain on engine and components and the turbocharger is not constantly working at its pump limit in the lower load range.

Protection mechanisms: The AEC retains the protection measures of the standard control unit instead of canceling them out and even introduces additional vehicle-specific component measures.

The positive effect: Less load on the engine, so the additional power is only output if the engine is neither too cold nor too hot. The charge air temperature is monitored and the fuel rail pressure is limited to protect the injection components. Additionally, the power is reduced to protect the turbocharger above a vehicle-specific level.

Exhaust monitoring: In contrast to most competitors, ABT also monitors and controls the exhaust temperature. For diesel engines, the lambda value (combustion air ratio) is also kept at the standard level (individual application of the charge and fuel rail pressure).

The positive effect: Controlling the exhaust temperature has a positive effect on the continuous performance. Otherwise it would not be constantly available due to the permitted temperature limits. By maintaining the lambda value, exhaust emissions and loading of the particle filter are hardly influenced by the power increase. With chip tunings which only increase the fuel volume, on the other hand, the engine permanently operates at the smoke limit, quickly causing the filter to become clogged. This in turn has a negative impact on consumption and power output.

 Hardware protection: The separate ABT Engine Control is mounted non-destructively and has a range of safety features.

The positive effect: The design as a separate control unit with central connector mounting means that the original control module or the wiring are not affected. In addition, problems are avoided through CAN-bus integration, a splash-proof housing with GoreTex® membrane for ventilation, a defined installation position and the sturdy stainless steel mounting system. Furthermore, ABT also carries out testing for electromagnetic compatibility and the resistance against thermal shock and salt spray.