20% Discount On Offer For ABT Sportsline Power Upgrades

March 25, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on March 25, 2016

In the past, we had winter sales when everything still in stock had to go. And today, many companies still use springtime to free space for new articles. That’s what ABT Sportsline does, too. From 7 to 19th of April 2016 the motto at Kempten HQ and the more than 200 partners in Germany and those in Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Finland, the Ukraine and Poland reads: “Welcome to the ABT POWER DAYS“. You will find the address of the nearest dealer at www.abt-sportsline.com, under “Dealer Locator“.

So if you want to have extra fun in spring, get an ABT Sportsline power treatment cheaper now: the globally largest tuner of cars produced by the Volkswagen Group gives a 20 per cent discount on all ABT POWER upgrades. What upgrade we have for what engine can be determined with the configurator at www.abt-sportsline.com.

ABT is also top in terms of warranty, the best in the market: 2 years in line with the factory warranty after first delivery for up to 100,000 km pursuant to the ABT warranty guidelines – valid, at no extra charge, in: Germany, Austria, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Poland. In Germany and Austria, the warranty can even be renewed with the exclusive ABT follow-up warranty. ABT will also assume Audi follow-up warranties, for a surcharge. For owners of used cars whose factory warranty has expired, ABT Sportsline PerfectCar may be an option. This follow-up warranty provides protection and safety for eight years max. for up to 120,000 km in all.

At whatever price you buy this extra power and torque, the upgrade will always be geared to the engine and the character of the car. That means the fun will last permanently. To make it all roadworthy and dependable, the ABT Sportsline engineers have thoroughly tested all components’ interplay on their dynamometer and on the road. – to make every day a POWER DAY!